Editor’s Note: The Appeal sent a simple, three-question survey to all area candidates in contested races in Yuba and Sutter counties. We will be printing responses over the next week. Answers are worded by candidates with light editing. Word limits were set. If responses went over the limit, an ellipsis indicates cuts. Candidates were invited to submit photos of themselves -- some did, some didn’t. If you are a candidate in a contested race and you did not receive this survey via email, please let us know at smiller@appealdemocrat.com.


Dale Carlson

1. Who are you? My name is Dale Carlson; I am 63 years old, live in the KB Home subdivision off Pennington Rd in Live Oak, and am running for a seat on the Live Oak City Council.

2. What makes you the best candidate? Over 22 years of management experience in operations and industrial engineering. Employed by UPS for 28 years, a corporation known for its efficiency. Employed at City of Live Oak for 4 years, being an insider I know the system and how to bring accountability and transparency to the city.

3. What top priorities would you champion, if elected? All contracts reviewed initially, then annually to make sure the city is protected from excessive spending, limits, and time frames for completion of projects. Infrastructure repair and replacement (streets, water main valves, water meter components, curb & gutter, etc.) Steer Live Oak into being a business friendly area, with reasonable regulations and service rates. Safety.


Johnny Ceballos

1. Who are you?  I’m 38 years old and married to Amy. We have 3 children: Malayna, Aliyah, and Jacob. We moved to Live Oak in 2012 and reside in the Premier Meadows neighborhood.

2. What makes you the best candidate? I believe that my education, training, and practical experience would complement our City Council and serve our community well. As a business owner I understand the load we carry and the importance of a business-friendly environment.  My occupation consists of budgets, investments, and financial planning.  Our city needs this.

3. What top priorities would you champion, if elected? On a macro level, top priorities would be addressing our city budget and resolving deficits especially in a potential recessionary period. Infrastructure is being addressed and we need to continue that momentum. Lastly, business. A business friendly city that champions business growth leads to jobs. All positives but most importantly to me is keeping and drawing talent to our city.


Jeramy Chapdelaine

1. Who are you? My name Is Jeramy Chapdelaine, I’m 41 years old. My wife and I have six children ages 10-21. We’ve lived in Live Oak 14 years and we love it here.

2. What makes you the best candidate? I have 15 years of professional local government management and leadership experience, focused on community service. I have also served as a Sutter County Planning Commissioner, am the current Chairperson for the Live Oak Planning Commission and represent Live Oak on the Board of Commissioners for the Regional Housing Authority.

3. What top priorities would you champion, if elected? Reduce operating costs by updating and adhering to stricter finance policies regarding consultants/vendors and eliminating council member compensation and insurance. Obtain grant funding for new projects to update utilities/infrastructure, to enhance public safety and promote economic development. Increase collaboration and explore opportunities for new projects/programs with Sutter County, Live Oak Unified School District and our other local/regional partners.


Lakhvir S. Ghag, incumbent

1. Who are you? Lakhvir S. Ghag, 65, father of 3,  long-time resident and ardent supporter of the people of Live Oak. I’m  a second-generation farmer with a vested interest in seeing our community thrive. 

2. What makes you the best candidate? The challenges facing us require the steady hand of proven leadership. I have served in city government for 8 years and twice served as mayor. I listen to the community and represent the people the best I can. I know how to get things done.

 3. What top priorities would you champion, if elected? I want to champion bringing high-speed Internet because it touches so many facets of our everyday lives, from doing business to the ability of our children to be successful remote learners. Emergency preparedness, guiding the city’s pandemic response, dealing with homelessness, infrastructure improvement, and council transparency are my top priorities.  Completing infrastructure projects are key to moving our city forward.


Cruz Mora

1. Who are you? I am Cruz Mora, a 21-year-old candidate for Live Oak City Council, born and raised here, a senior at Chico State, and a student analyst for the state government.

2. What makes you the best candidate? I am the best candidate because I have a shared-life experience with every life-long resident, unlike other candidates who are not from Live Oak. I want to bring honest change to Live Oak. Now is the time for young, transparent, leadership, and I want to represent you!

 3. What top priorities would you champion, if elected? I would prioritize the following issues in council: municipal broadband, accountable city finances, add new revenue sources for the city’s portfolio, city beautification, public safety, and workforce. Further, I would rebuild the community’s trust by inviting residents of all walks of life to engage and collaborate with council to empower them to use their voice to offer opinions and concerns. 


Nancy Santana

1. Who are you? Nancy Elizabeth Santana: Professional Banker. My family came to Live Oak over 100 years ago and began farming. My roots are deep here. I am dedicated to serving the community. 

2. What makes you the best candidate? I’m the only candidate with 22 years experience in banking, finance, fraud and balancing budgets. I have been serving our community for 30 years.  I will be successful from the start.  It is now more important than ever to bring trust and fiscal responsibility to our city council. 

3. What top priorities would you champion, if elected? 1. Public safety … is one of my top priorities. I will assure there are always adequate funds for our first responders. 2. Budget -- I will use my financial experience and work to reduce wasteful spending at City Hall. 3. Quality of life -- Enrich the quality of life in Live Oak for all our citizens to build an attractive, inviting, and secure community.


Aleks Tica, incumbent 

1. Who are you? Aleks Tica, 29, lived in Live Oak my whole life. Graduated from Live Oak High School and Chico State in economics. I work at my family’s orchards and restaurant, Betty’s.

2.  What makes you the best candidate? My 1st term on council, Live Oak has: improved roads, parks, utility infrastructure, and ranked top 20 in financial stability in California. With my economic background I secured grant funding for various city projects. Deeply care about the residents and future of Live Oak by serving on community organizations.

3. What top priorities would you champion, if elected? Immediate priority, providing assistance for residents and businesses affected by Covid-19. The city will establish an aid program making city fees affordable and reward residents that shop at local businesses. Continue my partnership with the school district and students by increasing youth involvement in the community. Attract new and more employment opportunities. Provide the best public safety for our residents.

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