Editor’s Note: he Appeal sent a simple, three-question survey to all area candidates in contested races in Yuba and Sutter counties and selected Colusa County race. We will be printing responses over the next week. Answers are worded by candidates with light editing.


Daniel Vaca:

1. Who are you? My name is Daniel Vaca, I am 38 years old, the father of three amazing children, the other half of the wonderful Clancy, and a resident of Colusa who believes in this community. Professionally, I am the Warehouse Lead for Wilbur Ellis. In my spare time, I coach sports, I’m on the Colusa County Area Little League board, and spend as much time with family as I can, whether doing a project or relaxing in the yard.

2. What makes you the best candidate? What makes me a worthy candidate is my commitment to the people I work with, and for, in all capacities.  I work to make fair progress that benefits the whole, and leaves no one behind.  I want to do whatever I can to help Colusa be the best it can be, and it needs to be a team effort.  I have experience in management, budgeting, and team building. My goal as a council member is to bring fresh eyes to the issues we face, garner as much community participation as possible, and bring ideas and solutions to the table.

3. What top priorities would you champion, if elected? My top priorities include, creating more transparency between our council and citizens, working to get all residents involved and engaged.  Working to help revitalize our downtown area. Bringing new businesses that will serve the community is just as important, and I will work with the city staff to help make the best decisions for Colusa.  And overall safety and security of our residents, which includes getting our streets and trees in better shape, as well as partnering with our law enforcement and fire departments to make sure they have the support they need to do their jobs.


Ryan Codorniz:

1. Who are you? I am Ryan Codorniz, General Manager for an industrial supply company located in Williams by trade and City Of Colusa Planning Commissioner by passion. I learned of my affinity for public service the first time I was elected jury foreman as juror #9 at our local court house. From there my attention and curiosity for public service and city politics only grew. Which led me to my purpose for running in the first place. I truly believe in this city, I am raising my daughter here, my roots are firmly planted. We have the groundwork laid out, it’s time to build! I look forward to serving the citizens of Colusa.

2. What makes you the best candidate? I for one never like to boast about being better than another person and I may lack where they might exceed and vice versa. That being said, last year was spent learning and developing skills needed to exceed as a city council member, as an active planning commission member. I have worked first hand within the realm of city politics and have the working relationships needed to fulfill current and future projects for the betterment of Colusa. 

3. What top priorities would you champion, if elected? I would love to see the Pirelli plant be restored and occupied with a long term tenant that would bring full time employment and a tax base that could add to the cities coffers. Another idea near and dear to me is the possibility of a city owned and paid parking lot, located downtown. I think this is a great way for the city to generate revenue, create an option for a safe and centrally located place to park, and the possibility of relieving some of the parking near our courthouse and downtown area.


Denise Conrado:

1. Who are you? I am a semi-retired educator and school administrator. My husband Ed and I moved to Colusa 37 years ago when Ed was hired as principal of Burchfield Primary School. We soon realized that the quality of life in Colusa would be hard to find elsewhere. We settled here, raised our family and had fulfilling careers as educators. Our four daughters attended Colusa schools, graduated college, and earned advanced degrees. We attribute their success, in part, to being raised in this safe and supportive community. I want to work for and give back to this unique community. Visit my website at conrado4citycouncil.com.

2. What makes you the best candidate? In my experience as a teacher and school principal, I developed skills in collaboration, teamwork and consensus building. These are necessary skills for a City Council Member. I understand the difficulty in making decisions about budget, personnel and policy issues that affect all stakeholders. I have met with the Police Chief, Fire Chief, City Manager, City Finance Director and the Planning Dept/Building Inspector. They were gracious and generous with their time and showed me that the work in front of the City Council is complex and challenging. I feel well prepared for the challenge.

3. What top priorities would you champion, if elected? I plan to work to preserve the small-town quality of life that Colusa offers, while recruiting and supporting businesses that will ensure the integrity and fiscal health of the City of Colusa. I would strive for a working relationship with the public and fellow Council members, and to maintain a transparent city government. I will educate myself regarding City Council policies and procedures in order to be an engaged and informed City Council member. I look forward to studying current and future issues facing the city, gathering input from stakeholders, collaborating with community members and making informed decisions.


Matthew Thomas Reishe:

1. Who are you? I’m Matthew Reische, I have a very inquisitive nature. It’s commonplace for me to come home with twenty open tabs in my browser. A map to where my mind had been. If you call me about some obscure law or process, I won’t know the answer, call me back in an hour and I sound like I wrote it. Retention is reserved for the important, but I can tell you Santa Fe Springs has the highest sales tax at 10.5%, most of prop218, or give you direct comparisons of Colusa spending compared to like cities. That’s who I am.

2. What makes you the best candidate? I form my opinions on facts. I don’t trust anything I can’t get from a reliable source. If you quote someone with two words, I won’t read you. I’d prefer to take your headline and see what facts it takes me to. Even projections are based on fact so I’ll look at your projection then the facts then your projections not trying to validate or invalidate but to see if our projections have similar characteristics, a projection is an opinion and no opinion stands alone.

3. What top priorities would you champion, if elected? Fix water, sewer, and roads one block at a time with help from grant money. Start a downtown program. Finish CIP annexation. Get sewer and water to Walnut Ranch. Inquire about a program to have the health department and police department work together to prevent alcohol and drug use in our parks. Personally, inquire about odors in the city. Start talking up the food chain inquiring about how “We The Rural” can be heard CO2 emissions might be a 5-decade plan but we are burning now.


Greg Ponciano:

1. Who are you? My name is Greg Ponciano, and I have been a Colusa city councilman for 8 years, 4 of which I was selected by my peers to serve as mayor. Since first elected in 2012, there has not been a day that I have left my house not understanding the responsibility that comes with that title. I work for the citizens of Colusa, and I take that extremely serious. I’ve never been afraid to speak my mind, ask difficult questions, and challenge the norm. I do my research, put in the time, and unapologetically represent the citizens of Colusa.

2. What makes you the best candidate? I believe I am uniquely qualified to continue to serve on the Colusa City Council, and would be honored to have the opportunity to continue to represent Colusa once again. I have served as liaison to all of the city groups, have served on ad hoc committees ranging from County tax share, ambulance, boat ramp, budget, and contract negotiations, and I have been trained by the League of California Cities. I have prided myself on being accessible to anyone at any time for anything, and I believe I have the dedicated experience to be an effective leader.

3. What top priorities would you champion, if elected? If re-elected, I would continue my dedication to fiscal responsibility and management of resources through transparency, accessibility, and dedication. I would focus on our crumbling infrastructure, which is in dire need of attention, if we are to attract business, and create an attractive place for our citizens to live, we need to build a better foundation. The current allocation to streets is unsustainable and needs immediate attention by experienced leadership. While Mayor I helped create a designated cannabis fund, I believe those funds need to be allocated to infrastructure so that there is an immediate return to the citizens.


Brent Nobles:

1. Who are you? I am a father of four boys and a local business owner that wants to see our community do better. 

2. What makes you the best candidate? I care about our town and have a passion for our town and want to see the community grow and get better. My own business depends on people coming to town so I want to see that increase not only for myself but for the whole community. Increased traffic in town means an increase of revenue for the town. If the community is doing well, we are all doing well. 

3. What top priorities would you champion, if elected? My priorities would be to see the Pirelli Cable building take off and bring new businesses to the community. I would also like to see more community events and functions happen everyone can participate in. 

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