Happening today: Free breakfast brings people together

Volunteer Nicole White says they want to help spread the love that Jesus gives.

The Cornerstone Church of Yuba City has been hosting a free, hot, made-to-order breakfast on the second Saturday of each month for the last five years. It’s happening this morning.

“It’s a chance for people to spend time together and eat and talk,” White said. Some 25-30 community members typically attend the free breakfast and it’s open for everyone.

Along with the hot breakfast, a free food pantry will be open for those who need groceries.

The free breakfast is today from 8- 10 a.m. at 700 Washington Ave., Yuba City. For more information call 674-3087.

– Veronica Catlin, vcatlin@appealdemocrat.com 

What do you Think? Is the world more or less scary for you?

We ask our Facebook friends what they think about current issues – this week we asked, “Did the world just become a scarier place for you? Or is it about the same as ever, just a different problem? Or no problem at all? Or maybe things are better? What’s your assessment of the killing of Iran’s General Qassem Soleimani?” A couple sample responses:

– Heather Ball Houston: I don’t know if I feel safer or not. But, I am sick to my stomach with worry not knowing if my spouse or fellow deployed personnel to these bases, are dead or alive.

– Chuck Allen: ... We have the most powerful military in the world, more powerful than the next five ranked militaries combined. Iran is a cockroach compared to our defense system.

More in tomorrow’s edition.


Be careful out there: How to drive in the fog

It’s that time of year. Be careful, because the visibility can be treacherous.

Driving in foggy weather is especially tricky and can involve a lot of on-the-spot thinking, said Yuba-Sutter California Highway Patrol Sgt. Brian Wittme. He said there are a few standard rules:

– “High beams are the worst thing to do in the fog, it reflects back at you.”

– Drivers need to remember to not  just follow taillights of cars in front of them, because distances can get murky in heavy-fog conditions. If a car is following at a five-length distance by using the taillight method, tunnel vision can ensue causing traveling distances to get shorter. 

– The posted speed limit may not be the safest speed in foggy weather and can warrant drivers getting pulled over by CHP. If you can’t see well, slow down.

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