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How’s your birdwatching technique?

Randy Darling, one of the California Swan Festival field trip leaders, shared tips on maximizing the birdwatching experience:

– “Keep a low profile visually and physically,” Darling said. “We don’t want to bother the birds any more than we have to.”

– Darling, fascinated by birds since 1962, says one of the best ways to enhance your

experience is to have a pair of binoculars. “I can’t emphasize that enough. Birds are small and don’t come very close. Unless you’re a professional you won’t be able to identify them.”

– “Some people identify birds by ear,” Darling said. “If you have two people carrying on a conversation, it’s not  the best situation for everyone.”

– Stay behind the leader. “There’s nothing worse than scaring off the birds before the leader gets a chance to point them out.”

– Veronica Catlin, vcatlin@appealdemocrat.com. 

Word on the Street:

The Yuba-Sutter housing market

Jackie Farinha, 64, Wheatland.

Q: How would you describe the housing market in Yuba-Sutter?

A: I own my home. I know it’s tougher now for younger people unless they have help. The younger you are when you buy the better off you are in the long run. If you can, go home and save for six months so you can get ahead.

Q: Do you feel comfortable with the cost of housing?

A: It is what it is.

Q: What can be done to change this?

A: Not very much. I don’t see it changing.

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‘Fire in Paradise’ documentary

We asked Facebook friends if they’d watched the NetFlix production, “Fire in Paradise.” The video about the destruction of Paradise and interviews with residents was powerful and emotional for many of those who commented. A few examples:

– Roby Ortiz: I couldn’t hold back the tears. Paradise will always be in my heart.

– Anna Kirkland: I haven’t watched it and probably won’t... I am a mental health nurse in Butte County, and have heard first-hand the tragic stories of clients as well as coworkers.

– Lisa Romero: It was heartbreaking to watch... I couldn’t imagine praying with a bunch of kids in a bus to die of smoke inhalation and not burn to death... wow.

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