Boisterous excitement mixed with nervous kindergartener goodbyes filled the Butte Vista Elementary School campus.

Tuesday marked the first day of classes for many sites in the Yuba City Unified School District and as the Butte Vista gates opened, staff lined the walkway cheering and greeting students and parents. 

“For the last two years, our staff has created a ‘tunnel’ at the gate and have clapped and cheered as students and parents come onto campus to set a positive, inviting tone,” said Principal Jas Peterson. “We truly try to create a family-like atmosphere to support all of our students.”

Peterson said she’s excited to get to work for the school year and continue the initiatives as part of the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports program, which aims to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and equity of schools and other agencies.

Jordan Herbst waited for the gates to open with other parents and one of her twins, Rocky, couldn’t wait for the gates to opened and started climbing up partway with another friend.

“They were up very early today but it will probably be the last day they’re up early for school,” she said. “I can’t believe they’re in second-grade already.”

Erica Thomas, and her three children, moved to the area a couple years ago and she sent her youngest off to kindergarten on Tuesday.

“She’s my princess and It’s bittersweet seeing her go off to kindergarten,” she said. “She’s seen her brothers go off to school already so she’ll do great.”



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