Growing up in Arbuckle, Adrianna Moore said she’s always had a special interest in agriculture. 

The 15-year-old Future Farmers of America member said she wants to pursue a career in the agriculture industry someday. 

An early step toward her eventual career is raising lambs for auction at the annual junior livestock event that takes place annually at the Colusa County Fair at the district fairgrounds in Colusa. 

Moore, along with fellow FFA member and 15-year-old Yesenia Chavez, each prepared and trained their lambs prior to auction for several months, in preparation for the 80th running of the fair. 

It’s a grueling process at times, they both said, but also very rewarding. 

Moore and Chavez said it can be emotional as well once the lamb is purchased. 

Both said they became attached to their temporary pets for the three, four months they were together. 

Moore, whose lamb is named Honey, washes, trains and walks her lamb during the process.

“(We’ve) got to get used to them,” Moore said. 

The feed process is largely centered around grain and hay, Moore said. 

She said it helps them gain the needed 100 pounds to be ready for auction. 

Each lamb is about 60, 70 pounds when the training begins. 

During the auction, Moore said it’s about getting the front legs at a 90-degree angle with the shoulders in order to showcase the animal’s muscle. 

Moore said the keys during the auction process are having the lamb demonstrate ideal muscle and fat, because that’s what “the buyers want.” 

Chavez said, during training, she tries to have her lamb gain one or two pounds a day in order to make weight. 

“Water is important,” said Chavez, who calls her lamb “Buttercup.” 

Chavez, who comes from a pet-friendly household, said when the lamb gets older she transitions the animal over to grain to help with nutrition and weight. 

After this weekend when her lamb is sold, Chavez will have more time to spend with her pets including a horse, five dogs, ducks, a chicken, geese, a peacock and a tortoise. 

Chavez said she’s already beginning to prepare for next year’s auction at the 81st Colusa Fair.

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