Chris Madsen

Chris Madsen, Praise Chapel Pastor

Editor’s Note:To anchor our Thanksgiving and Black Friday editions, we asked reporters to go out and find local folks who have been around the track a time or two and are willing to share some reflections on life and living in Yuba-Sutter-Colusa.

Chris Madsen, Praise Chapel Pastor

Over the last 32 years, Chris Madsen of Yuba City said it’s been amazing to watch the Yuba-Sutter area grow to what it is now, but hopes the area will keep its togetherness. 

“I hope everyone stays connected. Community is very important,” Madsen said. “Together we have a lot to offer.”

Madsen is the pastor of Praise Chapel Church in Yuba City. He also works as a chaplain for Sutter North. He said he sometimes feels saddened because he notices fewer volunteers within the community than there were years ago, especially among youths. He also said that Sunday services have changed over the years. 

“I remember a time, when my family first moved here, church would be packed on Sundays. It’s not like that anymore,” Madsen said. “It’s not just my church it’s all of the local churches. If you walk in you’ll see empty seats.” 

Madsen also says that he wishes people took pride in service clubs the way they used to.

“Those clubs do a lot of good: Lions, Optimists, Masons – my dad was a part of four different service clubs. There’s not as much involvement in them anymore. A lot of them have had to shut down because of low membership.”

Overall, Madsen said he feels very blessed to live in the area. He said the area is run by great leaders and he’s felt welcomed ever since he moved from Los Angeles. He said he chose Yuba City because of his church and the diversity of the town.

“This area was more diverse than any other I was looking at. They were pretty much one color. There was a lot of culture here. And my church family became my family.” 

Madsen said his goals are to challenge people to make a difference. He said the best place to start is in a local church.

“Faith is very important to me. People talk about getting involved in the community. I think joining a church is a good first step. I wouldn’t be here without my church family.”

Madsen also hopes the youth especially will become involved in the community and politics to continue having great leadership in Yuba-Sutter.

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