Two shipping containers are being converted into homes and will be completed next month and be ready for occupancy by March in Yuba County, according to River Valley Redevelopment Corporation Principal Jorge Vega.

The project is the result of more than five years of work between River Valley Redevelopment and the Yuba County Development Services Department. Those first two homes being built in Yuba County are just the beginning, Vega said.

“We have such a need for housing on the affordable end,” Vega said. “We’re trying to be a solution for folks.”

Vega works in San Diego but is originally from Live Oak and graduated from Live Oak High School. He still has family living in Yuba City and Live Oak and spends a lot of time in the area.

“I still consider the area home,” Vega said.

The homes will be located at 6137 Park Ave., Marysville. They will be 320 square feet and are designed for one or two people. The homes exceed all International Building Code Standards, are site built, include fire sprinklers and a complete photovoltaic system, according to Vega.

High quality materials were used, he said, and the homes will be energy efficient and meet new California Accessory Dwelling Unit requirements. The vision for the homes is as temporary or semi-permanent living solutions for the homeless or low-income individuals. Vega said River Valley Redevelopment worked with the county to make sure all standards were met and exceeded.

“There are additional efforts to modify the design to address the housing needs of very low-income individuals in the Yuba-Sutter area,” Vega said. “A key goal is to create homes that are quick to build, require lower skilled labor, and can be moved or added during winter months.

The expected costs of the homes will be $79,000 for a single container home and $139,000 for a duplex (two container home). Those costs don’t include the foundation, land and permits, according to Vega.

“The lower cost is achieved via innovative assembly methods that are faster and require lower skilled labor,” Vega said.

By building homes with a lower development cost, the consumer will save money.

“The hope is that these are going to be rented at lower than the market rate,” Vega said.

Goodman Gals Property Management in Yuba City will manage the renting out of the container homes once they are completed.

“Another innovative aspect that we are working on is the creation of a tiny home village that would offer infrastructure to this new growing housing type,” Vega said.

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