With California experiencing its second consecutive dry year, the California Public Utilities Commission, the State Water Resources Control Board, and the California Department of Water Resources is calling on local and regional water suppliers to increase conservation efforts, develop a contingency plan in the event water supply issues worsen, and urge Californians to save water amid ongoing dry conditions.

With widespread drought or near-drought throughout many portions of the state, Gov. Gavin Newsom has declared a state of emergency for 41 counties — representing 30 percent of the state’s population — and the state is working to address acute water supply shortfalls while building water resilience.

In response to Newsom’s emergency proclamations, the State Water Board sent notices to public water utility managers this week encouraging contingency and conservation planning heading into the summer months.

To encourage Californians to reduce water use and conserve supplies, the CPUC is encouraging water utilities under its jurisdiction to remind customers of water conservation best practices learned from the 2012-2016 drought and is calling for water utilities to promote water conservation programs.

To learn more about current conditions, the state’s response, and informational resources, visit the state’s drought preparedness website at www.waterresilience.ca.gov/drought-preparedness.

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