Wu family gives Lee’s another chance

The Wu family managed one of the top Chinese food destinations -- Lee’s Canton Restaurant -- for 15 years and then sold it five years ago. As of last month, they’re back at it again.

Manager Shelly Wu, whose parents own the business, said the last owners handed the keys back.

Wu said it’s been crazy going back to a full-time restaurant schedule, but her family didn’t want to see the place close. 

“We’re still figuring things out but it’s been really good to see some of the same regulars from years ago. They’ve been happy to see us and we’re happy to see them.”

“How is it?” we asked a customer leaving the restaurant at 511 Reeves Ave. “Like it used to be,” she said with a grin.


 – Veronica Catlin 


Word on the street: 

What do you/don’t you like about Y-S?

Amber Bradshaw, 24, Yuba City: 

Q: How long have you lived in the area?

A: About 13 years.

Q: What do you appreciate about the Yuba-Sutter area?

A: I appreciate all of the resources here. Like Hands of Hope -- the homeless and food resources. 

Q: What do you worry about in the Yuba-Sutter area? 

A: Negative attitudes towards the homeless and gay pride. People aren’t as understanding. 

Q: Would you recommend the area to a friend?

A: Jobs are are hard to come by and housing is out of most of our budgets, but it’s a nice area.

Your comments: 

Readers comments on climate change

Another report was issued recently painting an even more urgent picture for global climate change. We asked locals to comment. Here’s a sample:

– Mark J Currier: Hoax. Climate changes every day. Man cannot, short of a nuclear war, change it much. It’s cyclical. 

– Kurt Gaston: Except 99.9 percent of scientists would disagree. Are you a scientist?




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