Deserving Respect Dept.: Play a brass instrument? You could help

“They get made fun of,” said Alden Denny. “That’s one of the core things they’re (national organizers) looking to do is to expose people to the instrument.”

Tubas, that is, via Yuba-Sutter’s “Tuba Christmas.” The annual free concert will be performed Dec. 14 at 7 p.m. at Sutter Theater, during Yuba City’s annual Christmas Stroll.

“It’s exactly what it sounds like,” said event coordinator Denny. “It’s tuba players playing Christmas carols.”

Denny said the event, held in cities nationwide, features holiday classics performed on the euphonium, sousaphone and baritone to raise awareness of the melodic quality of brass instruments.

Organizers are looking for singers and brass musicians. Those interested can email or visit the Tuba-Sutter Christmas 2019 Facebook page for more information.

Your Comments: From ‘right behind you’ to ‘don’t let the door hit you’

You know how sometimes you’ll be around someone who goes off on a rant about the state of California? We asked our Facebook followers what they think of that. Would they let defectors know they’d be right behind them? Or would they mutter something like, “don’t let the door hit you on the way out?” 

Here are a couple examples of the responses:

– Daniel Powell: Good riddance! We need more people that think like you to go, too.

– Laurie Carnahan Jeremiah: I left almost 15 years ago; best thing I ever did and I was always proud to say I’m from California but not now. I feel sorry for folks that live there – it has gone to hell.

– April Mathis: ... I now tell people, “I’m from California, don’t hold it against me!”

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85 Years Ago: From Dec. 1, 1934

From the Yuba-Sutter Close-Ups column in the 9 a.m. edition of the Dec. 1, 1934, Appeal-Democrat (California’s oldest daily newspaper):

 “’All the wine you can drink free with your meals.’ Thus read a sign in the window of the Home Lunch restaurant. ... It was thanks to Proprietor George Ladas. ...

“Grizzled, unkempt denizens of the skid road trekked in unending numbers to the scene of the festivities.

Wine flowed freely as the boys whooped it up. ... 

“Then the going got rough. One tipsy gentleman with a flare for music, turned on the radio. The entertainment soon began to pall on him. Taking careful aim, he unloosed a terrific right squarely into the center of the radio set, knocking it off its perch. Fists flew fast and furious. ...

Taking advantage of the excitement, several sneaky customers pulled out flasks concealed in their hip pockets and started to fill up for a rainy day.

“It was too much for Proprietor Ladas. The party was called off. But 17 perfectly good gallons of wine had disappeared.”

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