Advice: Do your web surfing safely

Russell Hogue, the owner of Computer Works in Yuba City, said he’s been working with computers for over 20 years and recommends a few things to stay safe online.

– “Use strong and  different passwords for everything,” Hogue said. “It may seem like a hassle but think about if someone figures out that one password – then a hacker would have  access to everything. There are password managers if you need help organizing them.” 

– Pay attention to your web search bar. “Make sure when you’re paying for something online, your browser has an ‘s’ after the ‘https’. The ‘s’ represents security,” Hogue said.

– Hogue also encouraged internet users to keep their devices updated. “Most of the time when a software company has an update it’s for security reasons. Hackers find holes in systems so the company will fix it through an update. You’re at greater risk if you’re using older software versions,” Hogue said.

– Veronica Catlin,

What do you Think? Your views on the killing of an Iranian general

We ask our Facebook Friends what they think of current issues. This past week, we asked, “Did the world just become a scarier place for you? Or is it about the same as ever, just a different problem? Or maybe things are better? What’s your assessment of the killing of Iran’s General Qassem Soleimani?”

A couple examples:

– Jennifer Fletcher Hansis: I’m honestly just worried about our troops and what that equals for them. My husband is a soldier and will go to war if called, just I fear what will transpire. That being said I full-heartedly support President Trump. He didn’t sit by, he took action. I’m just worried at what cost.

– Shannan Dawley: The world was already a scary place before all this took place. We have a lot of terrible things going on beside taking out terrorist leaders. Did the POTUS make the right call? Yes, I think he did. Soleimani was a terrorist who had made several threats.

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Film Festival ahead: South Yuba group sponsors annual fest

The Wild & Scenic Film Festival returns to Nevada City and Grass Valley next weekend, featuring over 140 films, workshops and discussions aimed at inspiring activism.

The festival will be Jan. 16-20 with films ranging from adventure films to environmental documentaries, with screenings of work from local and regional filmmakers. 

Oregon House resident and filmmaker Radu Sava will be showing his documentary film, “Not If, But When: Wildfire Solutions” at the festival.  

“Wildfires are becoming a global issue, and California is one of the places that is hit the hardest,” Sava said. “We talk about why this is happening, and we talk about possible solutions.”

Tickets for the festival can be purchased at the Wild & Scenic Film Festival website, as well as at the host venues in Nevada City and Grass Valley.

– Nicki Schedler, 

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