Former Yuba City Council member and mayor John Buckland, who is currently running for a Sutter County supervisor seat in the upcoming primary election, was arrested for reportedly being drunk in public Friday at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Sacramento at Fire Mountain property in Yuba County.

The arrest report regarding the incident was pending as of Monday, so details as to what led to the arrest are unknown at this time. The arrest was made by a Yuba County Sheriff’s deputy who was working on-site at the casino around 7:30 p.m. Friday. 

Buckland was booked into Yuba County Jail for being drunk in public and was released the next morning. No charges have been filed. Yuba County Sheriff Wendell Anderson said typically, with public intoxication arrests, the subject is booked into the jail facility where they will remain until they are sober before being released without prosecution.

When contacted on Monday for a comment regarding the arrest, Buckland said there was more to the story but didn’t go into specifics, rather reading from a prepared statement:

“On Jan. 10, I had an occasion to meet a business client in the parking lot of the casino on Forty Mile Road to exchange business-related items,” Buckland said. “At the conclusion of the meeting, I entered the casino. The duration of the stay was relatively short. Upon exiting the casino, I encountered an unprecedented response to an incident in the parking lot. I was taken into custody for public intoxication of alcohol or drugs. I was released from custody without criminal charges filed. I’m currently working with a civil attorney to investigate and recover evidence in this matter. My attorney is experienced in activities on tribal lands, and he and only he will release information deemed appropriate at the conclusion of his investigation.”

Buckland worked with the Yuba City Police Department for 31 years and retired as a lieutenant. He spent eight years as a Yuba City Council member and served as the city’s mayor. Currently, he’s running for the Sutter County District 5 supervisor seat against incumbent Mat Conant and challenger Sarb Thiara.

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