With the September opening of Better Way – a temporary homeless shelter on Live Oak Boulevard in Yuba City – Sutter County officials might be able to check off one of their goals from a list of several they’ve set within the last few years.

It’s part of what has now become an annual process for Sutter County officials, as they look to update the county’s list of priorities and goals at a special workshop planned for this week.

“This is the third year in a row that the board has had a goal-setting session. The first year, there were 10 broad goals and priorities, then the second year, it was narrowed down to 10 broad goals and five priority areas – homelessness, budget finance, leadership, Sutter Pointe specific plan and facilities,” said Steve Smith, Sutter County administrator. “What we’ll be doing this week is reviewing those 10 goals and five priorities, go over what has been accomplished and what goals the board would like to keep or change moving forward.”

Wednesday’s special meeting will revolve around priorities and goals for Fiscal Year 2020/21. Smith said the process will help county departments plan more efficiently when they go to start the budget process for the upcoming fiscal year starting in January.

“This provides some focus for the organization as a whole,” Smith said. “Counties are responsible for everything from public safety to development services to the tax revenue side of things – there are so many broad areas of responsibility, so this just helps us focus on a list of goals and objectives to work toward.”

This year’s meeting will also have an interactive exercise regarding economic development, Smith said. As part of the exercise, participating members of the public, department heads and supervisors will break off into roundtables to discuss a variety of issues surrounding economic development.

The public meeting is scheduled for Wednesday at 4 p.m. at Ettl Hall – 1333 Butte House Road, Yuba City.

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