Sutter County supervisors who sit on the Agriculture/Public Protection and General Government Committee moved Monday to have an item placed on a future full board agenda to potentially donate $56,250 to the Yuba-Sutter Film Commission.

Supervisors Mat Conant and Karm Bains made the decision to have the item added to a regular meeting agenda as an appearance item. Yuba-Sutter Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Marni Sanders presented the plan for creating a local film commission to the board on Oct. 12. Sanders also presented to the Yuba County Board of Supervisors as well as the Marysville and Yuba City councils. The commission is looking for $50,000 for the first year, $100,000 in the second year and by the third year have a fully operational film commission working on a $150,000 budget.

The Yuba-Sutter Lodging Association is providing $25,000 to the chamber for the first year of funding meaning Sanders has asked each jurisdiction for at least a $6,250 investment.

Assistant County Administrator Leanne Link presented the item to Conant and Bains during the committee meeting. 

“I didn’t think we were talking about $56,000,” Conant said.

She said the goal of the film commission is to increase economic development in the area. 

Link said that an option the board could consider is contributing if all the other jurisdictions contribute.

Sanders said she is still working with all four jurisdictions. She said Yuba County has committed to donating $6,250 this year. Yuba City Manager Dave Vaughn said Yuba City will be looking at supporting the commission. 

“I’m pretty optimistic about most of those jurisdictions,” Sanders said.

She said Sutter County is scheduled to consider the investment at its Dec. 7 meeting, and she has been following up with and working with the other jurisdictions. 

Sanders said the investment from each entity going forward will depend on which areas attract productions and see the largest tax revenue benefit. The plan is for the jurisdiction that reaps the most benefit to invest the most.

Sanders said the tax revenue could be over a million dollars a year once the commission is up and running, so providing investment to support a $150,000 budget would be a relatively small investment in the long run. She said if Sutter County approves $56,250, the additional funding would be earmarked and held over until the following year.

Communities that have film commissions see more benefits from productions than those that do not have a film commission. Having a film commission will not only lead to tax revenue, but could lead to more businesses like hotels coming into the area, according to Sanders.

She has been working with the Shasta Film Commission on how to build out the commission’s infrastructure. Efforts to develop a Yuba-Sutter Film Commission have been attempted in the past but Sanders said it never came together. She said the key is local financial investment.

“It can be a really positive change for the community and it is for the community,” Sanders said.  

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