U.S. representatives for our region released statements Wednesday concerning the vote for presidential impeachment.


John Garamendi, Democrat

U.S. representative,

3rd Congressional District (including Yuba, Sutter, Colusa counties)

“... Last week’s violent insurrection on the U.S. Capitol, which has left at least six people dead and dozens injured, was a stain on our nation. The President’s blatantly false claims about election fraud, which were parroted by current administration officials and members of the House and Senate, finally reached a tipping point last week when these bald-faced lies gave way to a violent assault on our Capitol. Even after 64 failed attempts in federal court to substantiate the baseless claims about election fraud, the President, his administration, and members of Congress continued to double down and use these mistruths to incite a mob that staged a bloody insurrection against the United States Government. They beat and murdered police officers, planted pipe bombs, brandished weapons, and left our nation shocked and in mourning.   

 “What does it mean, then, for America that a sitting President invited thousands of his most fervent supporters to Washington and incited them to commence a violent occupation of the world’s citadel of democracy – the United States Capitol?

 “Without a proper check and proportional response to these events, we will be doomed to re-live the same hell over and over again. In time, we will lose our democracy, our hallowed institutions, and irreparably tear at the very fabric of our nation. As elected leaders of this nation, we have a right, but more importantly, a moral obligation to respond to those who incited this riot in the strongest possible terms. 

 “... The President’s violent rhetoric and actions pose a significant threat to our nation. No President who invites thousands of his most devoted supporters to Washington and urges them to ‘fight’ his political enemies by committing a seditious attack on our Capitol should be allowed to remain in office. … That brings us here on this somber day to carry out our sacred oath to defend and protect the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.  

 “Today, I voted to impeach President Donald Trump.”



Doug LaMalfa, Republican

U.S. representative,

1st Congressional District (including neighboring counties)

LaMalfa announced he would oppose urging the Cabinet and Vice President Pence to use the 25th Amendment to remove President Trump from office and would oppose an impeachment attempt. 

“Democrats’ impeachment resolution cherry picks Trump’s statements, which are still far tamer than many comments made by Congressional Democrats during last summer’s riots and comments they made early on in the Trump Administration when they advocated attacking members of the cabinet in public,” LaMalfa said in a news release.

“President Trump is leaving office in eight days. Further dividing our nation by a punitive impeachment vote now won’t unify the country. This effort will not achieve anything constructive, is unlikely to lead to a conviction in the Senate, and wastes everyone‘s time. It continues to jab at millions of Americans who see themselves being insulted and isolated by Democrats and their allies in big tech who took away many American’s ability to connect with each other using social networking. 

“Most glaring, there simply hasn’t been an impeachable offense that has been committed by the President. Democrat happy talk about unity and healing is not achieved with show votes that inflame division.”

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