The numbers are impressive.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic this past Christmas season, the Yuba-Sutter Toys for Tots organization succeeded in providing 2,313 disadvantaged Yuba-Sutter children with 4,343 gifts, 432 books and 2,356 stocking stuffers!

Because of the virus, Yuba-Sutter Toys for Tots was unable to have its own giveaway through its long-standing toy store format, where about 150 parents could select gifts for their children.

Instead, the organization beefed up support of other local organizations to make sure their needs were filled for 2,313 children. The major outlets that received the bulk of the gifts were SoYouCan, CHiPS for Kids, and the Yuba-Sutter Salvation Army. Seven other organizations also received toys.

Toys for Tots teamed up with Yuba-Sutter Salvation Army to provide a drive-thru for 500 local families. Toys for Tots provided both toys and volunteers on Dec. 22 at the Habitat for Humanity parking lot in Marysville.

“Toys for Tots is a pure form of giving, as we had no overhead this year, thanks to the donation of storage space, distribution and sorting space and an incredibly large number of generous businesses and individuals,” said Bob Harlan, local coordinator of Yuba-Sutter Toys for Tots. “In fact, we even get $13,000 in gifts from the Toys for Tots Foundation at no charge.

“That’s in addition to the toys purchased with donated monies and the incredible donations from the very caring general public,” Harlan said.

The organization now goes into hibernation until mid-year, when planning and fundraising begins for the campaign which runs through almost all the fourth quarter of 2021.

“Christmastime 2021 should be a huge relief with, we hope, the virus in the rear-view mirror,” Harlan said.

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