Vehicles, pedestrians and bicycles could be using part of the new Fifth Street Bridge next month, according to a construction official.

There’s a tentative date of July 20 to redirect traffic from the old bridge to two lanes of the new bridge, as well as a 10-foot wide sidewalk that will accommodate foot and bike traffic – providing things stay on schedule, according to Mehrdad Varzandeh, project manager/resident engineer with the 5th Street Bridge Replacement Project.

“There are lots of moving parts and we’re getting ready to make the switch to the new bridge,” he said. “Moving traffic onto the new bridge will allow demolition of the old bridge.”

Varzandeh said that, as part of the switch, traffic approaching the bridge from the Marysville side will be moved back to the north lanes of 5th Street near J Street.

The $70 million, 1,868-foot long, 76-foot wide, four-lane, Twin Cities Memorial Bridge, which is being built by MCM Construction, is expected to be completed in 2020 and will carry about 95,000 vehicles per day, according to a Yuba City official.

“On the Marysville side, we will be making improvements to the roadway, sidewalk, electrical and signals,” he said. “We will be completing the new offramp into Yuba City, which is currently closed, and make improvements to Shasta Street – we’re working on that now.”

Once traffic is on the new bridge, crews will remove the Marysville side of the old bridge and then work on the removal of the Yuba City side that crosses the Feather River ahead of an October deadline. 

 Officials ask to be cautious this weekend

Fifth Street Bridge construction manager Mehrdad Varzandeh asks that participants of this weekend’s floating/tubing event be extra cautious to avoid the construction area and to be aware that there are many obstacles under the river.

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