A Yuba City woman charged with killing a Yuba City boy while she was allegedly driving drunk is scheduled to be tried in Sutter County Superior Court in January of next year.

Constance Addison, 36, was charged with murder, gross vehicular manslaughter, hit and run resulting in injury or death, and child endangerment. On Oct. 7, 2019, Addison allegedly hit Alec Flores, 13, while he walked to school that morning. Addison was allegedly drunk when the incident occurred, and her children were in the car. She fled the scene and was arrested later that day at her home by the Yuba City Police Department.

Addison has been out of custody since Oct. 8 when she posted $100,000 bail. On Monday, Addison appeared in court along with attorney Roberto Marquez, who told the court he was making a general appearance. At a previous hearing, Marquez said he expected to be retained by Addison for the trial.

At 9 a.m. the courtroom gallery was filled with family and friends of Flores. Addison walked into the courtroom shortly after 9 a.m. with a small group of people and stood in the walkway between the seats. Before she took her place at the defense table someone in the gallery turned and called her by a pejorative term.

Monday’s hearing was for arraignment on the information presented at the preliminary hearing on May 7, where Judge Laura Davis ruled that Addison could be tried on all charges. Marquez entered not guilty pleas on behalf of Addison and submitted a letter to the court from a traffic accident reconstruction expert that said he would not be able to complete an analysis of the incident for several months because of other cases he is serving as an expert for. Marquez used that letter and his busy schedule of other cases that have been backlogged due to COVID-19 to ask Davis to set Addison’s trial for May 2021.

Sutter County Deputy District Attorney Diego Heimlich objected and asked the court to set trial within the next 60 days.

“It’s unreasonable to the victim’s family to wait around,” Heimlich said.

Davis asked Marquez if a date in December of this year or January 2021 would work for his schedule. Heimlich once again objected saying December would be ample time for the expert to complete his evaluation. He also pointed out to the court that there are other experts who Marquez could use in this case.

Davis set trial for Jan. 5 at 9 a.m. There will be a pretrial hearing on Sept. 28 at 1:30 p.m. and a trial readiness conference on Dec. 31 at 9 a.m. Marquez estimated that the trial would take three weeks to complete.

Once the hearing ended, Addison left the courtroom first followed by those attending in support of Flores.

“Celebrate those holidays,” someone in the gallery said as Addison walked out of the courtroom.

As everyone made their way outside to the courthouse parking lot a member of the Flores family screamed at Addison as the defendant walked to her car.

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