A community care hotline has been established as a resource for those who may feel anxious, lonely, depressed or overwhelmed during uncertain times. 

“We are all designed to be together for our mental, emotional, and spiritual health,” said Jason Poling, pastor at Cornerstone Church.  “This crisis is taking that away from us.”

According to Poling, the community care hotline was established by fellow pastor Todd Kuennen on Thursday to “provide a valuable resource to our hurting community -- a listening ear and timely words of encouraging truth.”

Since it was established, Poling said 13 pastors from more than 10 local churches have joined forces to provide some relief for those that may be feeling the weight of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“Crisis, when combined with genuine compassion and care, has the unique ability to unite humanity together,” said Poling. 

The hotline can be accessed by calling 674-8650 anytime.

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