An unvaccinated Yuba County resident was the latest to succumb to COVID-19, bringing the total local death toll to 168 since the outset of the pandemic.

Russ Brown, Yuba County’s Media and Community Relations coordinator, said the individual was reported to be in their early 80s at the time of death and lived at home prior to being hospitalized. 

Brown said the person was hospitalized for about a week before dying. 

All deaths, Brown said, are reported through Bi-County Health Officer Dr. Phuong Luu.

“The hospital reports the deaths directly,” Brown said in a statement. “Other deaths, such as those that happen at home, may take longer to reach the county.” 

Brown said the information provided explains in general whether the person was at home or in an outside care facility when they became sick. 

“Lately, I believe all were living at home previously,” Brown said. “We also try to give an idea of how long they were hospitalized, if that were the case. We take great care to keep information somewhat general to respect Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) laws.” 

Active cases in Yuba-Sutter also increased to 1,438, which nears the approximate peak of 1,500 set back on Dec. 26 of last year. 

Fifty-six individuals are currently hospitalized, according to the Yuba-Sutter COVID-19 dashboard, with 21 in the intensive care unit. 

Brown said local options to receive the third booster shot may become available to the public in September. 

Also, Live Oak High School canceled today’s varsity and junior varsity football games due to positive COVID-19 cases.

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