It seems likely that California will reach its target of 2 million doses in underserved areas by the end of the week, which is a new benchmark established by the state that would see it lower the threshold for its current tiered system, said Yuba County spokesperson Russ Brown.

“This benchmark would change Yuba-Sutter’s qualifying stats to move into the less restrictive red tier to under 10 new cases/100,000 rather than the current 7 new cases/100,000,” Brown said. “That would give Yuba-Sutter a better chance at moving into the red tier sooner.”

Brown said much like the rest of the country, the Yuba-Sutter area is still a few months away from seeing herd immunity. It will require many more community members to get vaccinated before the goal is reached, he said. Progress is being made, however, and the region is heading in the right direction.

“Like we’ve been experiencing the last year, this is about phased reopening, which is safer than all at once,” Brown said. “Just this week the state announced that by April 1 it plans to allow outdoor live events (with certain guidance) within each tier. With more vaccination administration and the consistent building up of herd immunity, we will see more openings with less restrictions.”

A total of 1,044 Yuba-Sutter residents received their second dose on Wednesday during a county-sponsored clinic. Another 1,185 residents are registered to receive their first dose at this weekend’s county-sponsored clinic.

“All slots have been filled, and currently the clinic is taking registrations for a waitlist,” Brown said. “…Keep in mind the number of available doses changes somewhat week-to-week.”

Registration information for county-sponsored clinics can be found at or, or by calling 634-7496 (Yuba County) or 822-5985 (Sutter County).

The number of COVID-19 cases in the Yuba-Sutter area increased by 27 on Thursday, bringing the total to 14,818 cases. 

Twenty-four people were hospitalized as of Thursday evening – 29 COVID-19 cases were closed on Thursday. To date, 139 Yuba-Sutter residents have died from COVID-19 – two local deaths were reported on Thursday.

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