Yuba-Sutter officials are urging residents to heed the directives of state and local agencies as a third case of coronavirus was confirmed in Yuba County on Sunday. 

Despite all three confirmed cases so far coming from Yuba County, the fact that all three are believed to be the result of community transfer means those in both counties are at risk because of the counties being geographically close to each other, according to Yuba County public information officer Rachel Rosenbaum  

“We don’t want people to get complacent,” Rosenbaum said. 

The three people who tested positive all had fairly mild symptoms, did not require hospitalization and are doing well. More detailed information about the symptoms in the confirmed cases were showing was withheld to protect the confidentiality of the three people, according to the health dept. 

Rosenbaum urged residents to stay home as much as possible and said there is no need to hoard supplies like groceries or medical supplies. 

Screening and testing sites set up by Ampla Health in Yuba City and Peach Tree Health in Marysville are still open, but the site run by Adventist Health/Rideout in Yuba City was closed on Monday due to a low volume of people seeking tests at that site, according to public information officer Monica Arrowsmith. 

The hospital has set up a command center that is continuing to operate in anticipation for a surge of coronavirus patients, Arrowsmith said. She said the preparations at the hospital are in line with what hospitals across the country are doing in response to the pandemic. 

Those seeking to be tested must present a physician’s order at the two open testing sites in the area, according to Arrowsmith. 

Sutter County public information officer Chuck Smith said nearly all restaurants and bars in Yuba-Sutter are complying with the California Public Health Officer’s order. 

“Social pressure has played a great deal in reaching this level of compliance,” Smith said via email. “There are a handful of establishments that remain out of compliance and law enforcement may be needed to address these situations.”

Smith said non-compliance can be reported to the Yuba Sutter bi-county health call center which will forward complaints to environmental health officials and/or law enforcement. 

“There are dire consequences if we as a community, Yuba and Sutter, do not take the state order seriously,” Bi-County Health Officer Dr. Phuong Luu said Monday during her evening video briefing posted online.

Smith said it is hard to determine the level of compliance to the stay home order by individuals due to the number of essential activities listed on the order, but that in general it seems that the majority of residents are complying. The call center has received calls from people complaining about neighbors gathering in groups at home in public places. 

“We would hope that everyone take this situation seriously and that, even if you don’t care if you get sick, you might care about trying to slow the transmission so our health care system is not overrun by everyone getting sick all at once,” Smith said. 

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