Yuba-Sutter Public Health teams will hold their final mass COVID-19 vaccine clinic on May 15.

Earlier this week, Public Health announced they would no longer be holding first-dose county-sponsored vaccine clinics over the weekend at the Yuba-Sutter Fairgrounds, as local participation was decreasing and due to the availability of vaccines through other means. Second-dose county-sponsored clinics will continue until mid-May, when Public Health plans to shift to hosting smaller targeted clinics at various locations aimed at making it easier for people to attend.

Yuba County Public Health Director Dr. Homer Rice said both counties also plan on consolidating their clinics with Adventist Health/Rideout, who will continue mass vaccination clinics.

“Vaccines give your body a blueprint of what kind of antibodies to make to fight off COVID-19,” Rice said. “Without this blueprint, it is much harder for your body to defend itself against the virus and you may become much sicker, leading to severe illness and even death. Some people with healthy immune systems can overcome the virus, but more than 580,000 in the U.S. were not able to fight off the infection and lost their lives.”

Rice said it’s important for local residents to continue getting tested when exposed to a known case or have symptoms, even if mild. To register for testing through an OptumServe site, go to LHI.care/covidtesting or call 888-634-1123 — the Yuba County Library site will be moving to the Great Hall at St. John’s Episcopla Church on D Street in Marysville on April 27.

Despite both counties remaining in the red tier this week — and Sutter County even qualifying for the orange tier, so long as metrics stay the same for another week — Rice said the area has seen some higher COVID-19 numbers this week. He encouraged local residents to continue practicing tenets to mitigate the spread of the virus.

“The state has said that the full reopening of the state on June 15 is dependent on hospitalizations; remember, hospitalizations and deaths tend to follow increased case counts by several weeks,” Rice said. “If we want to see our communities continue to open up, it’s important that we do our best to not inadvertently transmit COVID-19, and we can do that by continuing to wear facial coverings in public and getting vaccinated.”

The number of COVID-19 cases in the Yuba-Sutter area increased by 11 on Thursday. There are currently 118 active cases in the area.

Eleven individuals were hospitalized as of Thursday evening, while 13 virus cases closed. To date, 144 local deaths have been attributed to COVID-19.

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