Seven unvaccinated Sutter County residents died of COVID-19 over the holiday weekend, according to Sutter County public information officer Chuck Smith.

Three of the individuals were in their 50s and the oldest person was in their 80s. All seven died at Adventist Health/Rideout. On Saturday, an unvaccinated individual in their early 70s and two unvaccinated people in their late 50s died. On Monday, an unvaccinated individual in their late 50s, an unvaccinated individual in their mid-70s and an unvaccinated individual in their early 80s died. On Tuesday, an unvaccinated individual in their mid-60s died.

“We do not know the medical conditions of all of these seven deaths,” said Bi-County Health Officer Dr. Phuong Luu. “Those we do know had underlying conditions such as asthma and high blood pressure which are very common. What should be most striking is 100 percent of these deaths were in individuals who were unvaccinated.”

Apart from the individual in their early 80s, the six other individuals lived at home prior to hospitalization. The individual in their 80s lived at a long-term care facility prior to hospitalization.

The deaths brought the area’s death toll due to COVID-19 to 185.

There were no deaths reported in Yuba County on Tuesday, according to county spokesperson Russ Brown.

On Tuesday, there were 72 people hospitalized and 23 in the intensive care unit, according to the Yuba-Sutter COVID-19 dashboard. There are 1,384 active cases in the Yuba-Sutter area as of Tuesday compared to 1,762 active cases on Friday.  

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