Two additional Yuba-Sutter residents died due to COVID-19 on Tuesday, bringing the area’s death toll to 62 people.

One of the latest deaths was a Sutter County resident, while the other was a Yuba County resident – one was in their early 80s and the other in their early 70s, said Bi-County Health Officer Dr. Phuong Luu.

The number of COVID-19 cases increased by 159 on Tuesday, bringing the area’s total to 9,355 cases.

70 people were hospitalized as of Tuesday evening, while 254 residents recovered from the virus.

“Not to sound like a broken record, but we all know what has to be done to slow the spread. We just have to decide if that’s what we want to do,” Luu said. “Getting together with people we don’t live with is risky. Not wearing a mask in public is risky. Not staying home when sick is risky.”

Adventist Health and Rideout began administering the initial doses of the COVID-19 vaccine to local healthcare workers this week. Luu said she couldn’t say how many vaccines are being administered per day. She said the only adverse reactions seen locally have been similar to the seasonal flu shot, which is minor pain at the injection site.

“We are all ready for this saga to be over with and there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but it will still take months until the public has access to the vaccine,” she said. “Until then, we have to be careful to not put others at risk and help ease the burden on our area’s only hospital.”

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