To Our Readers and Advertisers:

As we approach our 170th year, the Appeal is about to undergo some changes we believe will enable us to continue serving our community and readership while remaining financially viable for the long term.

– Starting with the issue of Tuesday, April 14, the Appeal will become a five-day-per-week print publication. We will be publishing print editions daily, Tuesday through Saturday.

We understand this could be jolting news for long-time readers, but we believe the benefits of this switch make it well worthwhile. Considerable time and expense go into daily production of the paper. By cutting back production days, while maintaining current staffing levels, we’ll be able to devote more time to producing local content (our most important function) and maintaining quality.

The Saturday paper will be a “Weekender” edition and will include features that up to now would have been included in the Sunday paper – color comics, inserts, etc.

– Newsroom staff members will continue working Saturdays and Sundays to cover news and sports and will post updated local and wire news on our website, as always.

– Our subscription rates will not change, but all print subscribers will be given full access to our website and e-editions. Instructions on how to secure log-ins and passwords will be issued in coming days. We will continue publishing all our news online, mostly behind a paywall (exceptions made for urgent news, like the current COVID-19 issue).

– At the same time we begin our new publication schedule, we will unveil a new look for the paper. It has been decades since the Appeal made any marked changes to its appearance. We believe that readers will find the new design more lively and up-to-date.

– As we designed our new logo, we decided to markedly de-emphasize the “Democrat” in our formal name. We are a non-partisan publication; while “Democrat” was not an uncommon newspaper name 170 years ago, it is now most often interpreted as a political label. Our formal and legal name will continue to be the “Appeal-Democrat,” but we’ll be referring to our publication as the Appeal, for the most part.


We believe all of this is the difference between being reactive and proactive.

The Appeal has gone through several changes in the past few years, mainly in reaction to forces of the market and financial necessity. We have markedly cut back on personnel, deferred maintenance and improvements, and cut expenses to maintain profitability.

While most of those changes have been in reaction to the marketplace, we believe that these coming changes are being made proactively. We’re taking this posture because we absolutely intend on continuing to be this region’s primary vehicle for dissemination of news, features, commercial and legal advertising.

We hope to have your continued support.


Glenn Stifflemire, Publisher

Steve Miller, Editor

Jamie Keith, Sales/Marketing Director

Lori Wilson, Circulation Manager

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