Back to the Basics:

CDC asks that everyone remember these basics

– During this period of social distancing, residents are still permitted to go out for essential activities, which makes it important to keep a clean home. The Centers for Disease Control recommends preparing homes to prevent coronavirus by wiping down high-touch surfaces and limiting outside contact. 

  The CDC recommends cleaning surfaces like tables, light switches, countertops, door knobs and cabinet handles daily with a regular household detergent and water. 

– Designate a room for someone to stay in if they become sick. Avoid sharing a room or bathroom with an infected person, if possible. The infected person should wear a mask if possible.

– Participate in community discussions: Let others, such as neighbors and social media friends know about what readiness actions worked for your household. Share with your community and promote the importance of practicing good personal health habits.

– Source: CDC website


Feeding Children:

Area school districts offering free meals to students

While local districts have closed schools due to concerns over COVID-19, many are continuing to provide free meals for children. 

Those sites are offering both lunch and breakfast for the next day, Monday through Friday during the closure. 

Meal service is being offered for children ages 18 and younger.

Meals are required to be consumed off site and children are required to be present during pick-up. 

Some of the districts offering meals include Marysville Joint Unified School District, Yuba City Unified School District, Live Oak Unified School District, Wheatland School District, Colusa Unified School District and more. 

A list was published in the Sunday print edition of the Appeal; or go to and click into the “News Capsules” section to find stories and listings from the last week or so.

– Ruby Larson,


What do you think?:

What’s on your mind as we shelter in place?

We asked our Facebook friends: Now that a shelter-in-place directive has been issued for Yuba-Sutter counties, how will you cope? Do you have any strategies to share; what are your biggest worries at this point?

Here’s a selection of responses:

– Angela Christensen: I was out to get dog food today and it looks like any other day. Is anyone actually sheltering in place? It doesn’t seem like a lot of people are taking this seriously.

– Joseph Moye: I really don’t know what to expect. This is new territory and we are just starting this phase. I am hopeful we can find ways to meet our social needs without spreading the virus, and I’m hoping the precautions are sufficient to keep our health care system from being overwhelmed.

– Warren Mader: I’ll cope by going to work per usual. This isn’t worth losing my income.


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