Yolanda Morrison-Toliver

Yolanda Morrison-Toliver, of Yuba City, is an in-home care provider.

Name: Yolanda Morrison-Toliver.

Age: 51.

Family: Son Quentin and daughter Rhadnae’.

Residence: Yuba City.

Occupation: In-home care provider of 20 years.

What’s your walk-up introduction music? “This Little Light of Mine.”

Hobbies, interests? I like to read and go to church. I also like helping others. 

What brought you to the Yuba-Sutter area? I reunited with my mother in 1992. She lived in Marysville. I was in the Bay Area –Pittsburg.

What do you like about the Yuba-Sutter area? It’s a nice place to live and raise children. I like the country living. It’s been peaceful for me. 

Where would you like to retire to/live for a year? Seattle, Washington – I like the rain. It’s something different.

Dream vacation? Jamaica.

What is the closest you’ve been to a famous person? In the Crenshaw Mall. LL Cool J was there.

If you could meet any famous person who would it be and why? Yolanda Adams because I love her voice and music. She’s very inspirational.

What would you do with a million dollars? Give some to charity and buy myself a house.

Favorite memory to share? Growing up in the Bay Area.

What did you want to be when you were a kid? A private investigator.

Favorite places in the area? I like Panera Bread and Pieology.

Dream job? An advocate for elderly patients. 

Memberships in local organizations/groups? Member of Mt. Olivet for 26 years. 

Pet peeve? Judgmental people.

What do you like about yourself? I’m happy most of the time. My honesty and loyalty. I’m a fun person. 

What/where is your heaven on earth? In my home. It’s my sanctuary.  

Favorite book? “The Help.” I like the movie too.

What movie stops you while flipping through the TV channels? Anything with Tyler Perry.

Favorite musical group/sports team: Hezekiah Walker and the San Francisco 49ers.

Who should play you in a movie? My daughter, Nae Nae.

If you had to live on a secluded island for one month and could only bring three things that aren’t necessary for survival, what would they be? Music, my bible and pictures of family.

What life quote do you live by? Psalms 51:10. “Create in me a clean heart, oh God, and renew a right spirit within me.” 

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