Robert Sands

Robert Sands.

Housing looms as one of the big issues for the Yuba-Sutter area -- the lack of affordable housing, rising rents. Here’s  what locals had to say about the area’s housing market.

Robert Sands, 46, Marysville:

Q: How would you describe the housing market in Yuba-Sutter?

A: I don’t really know. I live at the River Bottoms.

Q: Do you feel comfortable with the cost of housing?

A: I don’t look because I don’t have any income. I have a disability. But a lot of people I know talk about it. I know people who have to spend their whole paycheck on a one bedroom run down apartment.

Q: What can be done to change this?

A: Put God back in the picture. That’s where he belongs. That’s where people will learn how to care for others. They make it illegal to be homeless but almost impossible to do anything else.

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