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LONDON – Two people were killed in a terrorist knife attack in the heart of London on Friday, disrupting the U.K.’s general election campaign two weeks before the vote.

TEHRAN – Demonstrations over the Iranian government’s sudden decision to raise basic gasoline prices by as much as 50% took a violent turn Saturday when security forces clashed with people in several cities across Iran.

TOKYO – Japan’s Emperor Naruhito completed the final ritual for his succession to the throne overnight from Thursday to Friday, with the mythical nocturnal ceremony shrouded in secrecy and stirring controversy in secular Japanese society for its religious overtones.

BERLIN – Tens of thousands of Germans and visitors from around the world converged Saturday at this once-divided city’s iconic Brandenburg Gate to celebrate the fall 30 years ago of the Berlin Wall and the end of the Cold War, even as many gains since then are today under threat.

WASHINGTON – William B. Taylor Jr., the top U.S. official in Ukraine and a key witness in the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, told House investigators about a "nightmare" foreign policy gambit in pursuit of political dirt against Joe Biden that he believed was likely to embo…

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump on Wednesday ordered an end to economic sanctions against Turkey, declaring success for his policy despite a widespread belief among lawmakers of his own party and foreign policy experts that the U.S. withdrawal from the region has been a victory for Turke…

MEXICO CITY – A daring operation to capture one of Mexico’s most powerful drug lords failed disastrously when armed cartel members launched a deadly counterattack, laying siege to the northern city of Culiacan and taking several security officers hostage.

AMMAN, Jordan – Turkish-backed Syrian rebel factions overran the Syrian border town of Ras al-Ayn on Saturday, officials said, securing a strategic passageway for Turkey’s offensive against a U.S.-backed Syrian Kurdish militia.

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – Yemen’s Houthi rebels said they captured many Saudi soldiers and officers in a large operation near the border between the two countries on Saturday, shortly after the kingdom agreed to a limited cease-fire with the Iranian-backed group.

HONG KONG – Hong Kong police pepper-sprayed a small group of protesters on Saturday night outside the legislative council building, as tens of thousands gathered peacefully nearby for commemorating the five-year anniversary of the Umbrella Movement.

A video of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wearing blackface emerged Thursday, furthering the troubles of the Canadian leader a day after his reelection campaign was jolted by the publication of a two-decade-old image of Trudeau donning brownface in an Aladdin costume.

TEHRAN, Iran – Iran said it was no longer abiding by limits imposed on its uranium enrichment and centrifuge research by the 2015 nuclear accord, throwing down a new challenge to European leaders struggling to sustain their diplomatic push to calm the Gulf.

ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan and India are close to an agreement that would open a corridor and new border crossing to allow Sikh pilgrims to visit one of their holiest shrines despite Kashmir tensions, officials in Islamabad said.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson – weathering a week in which Parliament rejected his hard-line Brexit strategy, a score of party loyalists turned against him and his brother quit the government to protest his policies – was all smiles Thursday as he greeted Vice President Mike Pence at …

NASSAU, Bahamas – The death toll in the Bahamas rose to at least 20 on Wednesday as the catastrophic damage left behind by Hurricane Dorian came into sharper focus and the world mobilized to help the shattered islands.

LONDON – Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Tuesday said he will ask Parliament to approve a snap election, after he lost a crucial vote on a bid to prevent him from withdrawing Britain from the European Union without an exit deal.

Flames are spreading across the Amazon rainforest this summer, spewing millions of tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each day. But scientists say that’s not their biggest concern. They’re far more worried about what the fires represent: a dramatic increase in illegal deforestation t…

BEIJING – U.S. President Donald Trump announced Friday he would hit China with a 5% retaliatory tariff hike on roughly $550 billion worth of goods, on the same day Beijing said it plans to tariff $75 billion of U.S. goods.

HONG KONG – A crowd of protesters in T-shirts and masks sprinted through the streets, tear gas mushrooming behind them.

PARIS – President Emmanuel Macron has vowed that France will rebuild the fire-ravaged Notre Dame Cathedral within five years, offering words of encouragement and hope to a country divided by politics and devastated by the loss of a centuries-old Parisian landmark.

A massive fire ripped through Notre Dame Cathedral in central Paris, toppling the spire on the 850-year-old Gothic monument and leaving France in shock over the extensive damage to one of the nation’s most iconic landmarks.

WASHINGTON – In an effort to tighten pressure on Tehran, the Trump administration on Monday branded Iran’s Revolutionary Guard a foreign terrorist organization, a first-time designation against another nation’s military force that could create problems for U.S. forces abroad.