Yuba Sutter Arts & Culture has two pandemic-inspired art programs planned in December “to bring joy, to bring wonder, to bring a glimpse of hope during this time that is so challenging and difficult.” 

“Sometimes when you get a bunch of lemons dropped on you, you just gotta make lemonade and that’s exactly what some of our local artists have been doing,” it was stated in a release issued by YSAC. 

First up, “COVID Stories – Making Art in a Pandemic,” is a two-venue art exhibition organized by visual artist-in-residence Tina Linville. 

According to the release, Linville has led an art mentorship program for local emerging artists and this show will feature the work of program participants including Ash Arroyo, Sara and Jhet Cabigas, Kathleen Childers, Rachelle Dannible, Sue Graue, Laura Lake Peterson, Joe Lloyd, Alexandra Spowls and Amelia Villagomez. Linville will also have work on display as well as a few other local artists. 

An opening reception for the exhibition will be Dec. 5 from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. at two Marysville locations – in the Yuba Sutter Arts & Culture gallery, 624 E Street and at Four Fourteen Gallery, 414 Fourth Street. 

The show will be available for the community to view by appointment through Jan. 31, 2021, and masks and social distancing will be required at both galleries. 

The second pandemic-inspired event is the “Corona Comedy Concert,” featuring satire and music from local performers Joe Moye and Tom Galvin. 

“Laughter may not cure what ails you, but it just can’t be that dark when there is laughter,” said Moye.

The concert will be live streamed on YSAC’s Facebook page and YouTube channel on Dec. 6, starting at 7 p.m. 

“Joe and Tom are two of our favorite local artists, musicians and poets and they have created a program guaranteed to make you laugh and maybe even think again about this shared experience and see it in a whole new light,” according to the release.

For more information about either event, call 742-2787 or email email@yubasutterarts.org

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