The Yuba City Unified School District governing board voted Tuesday during a special meeting to implement a five-day-per-week in-school model for the upcoming school year.

Doreen Osumi, superintendent of YCUSD, said the board was also presented with hybrid models which would have combined in-classroom education and virtual learning due to COVID-19.

However, the board voted to implement a more traditional model with guidelines in place.

Osumi said she believes that the board was concerned about the issue of childcare for working parents as well as instructional time that was lost during this last school year with distance learning.

She said while they are planning on going back to a five-day-per-week model, the district will need to make sure guidelines are being followed – such as social distancing and wearing facial coverings when that’s not possible.

“It is definitely going to need to be more controlled,” Osumi said. “... It’s not traditional as in how we were a year ago. With COVID-19 and all the precautions, (keeping) students and staff safe is our number one priority.”

She said one of the challenges is that there would be more students on campus compared to the hybrid models.

“That poses a challenge with safety,” Osumi said.

She said distance learning will be available for families whether it’s for health reasons or based on comfort level – more information is available on the district’s website.

Osumi said more information on reopening will be coming soon.

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