Discipline is being handed out to students responsible for a prank that left the Marysville High School yearbook riddled with sexual innuendoes and other errors.

Students counted up to 175 errors in the yearbook, including offensively misspelled names and captions with word play that references genitalia.

Errors include misspelling "Virginia" as "Virgina" and a caption for the basketball page that reads "Reach for the balls."

About 100 of the 350 yearbooks containing the errors were distributed, and the school is working to collect and correct the faulty yearbooks, said Principal Gary Cena.

The school will not reprint new yearbooks. Instead, stickers that are exact copies of the pages will be placed over the errors, and the yearbooks will be redistributed, Cena said.

If the school reprinted new books, Cena said, they wouldn't be available until the end of the summer, and some students may miss the chance to get friends to sign or write notes in their yearbooks, an important part of the yearbook experience.

Cena offered assurances the stickers meshed well with the page and would not be noticeable.

"There's a little bump there, but it's pretty well finished," Cena said.

Some students interviewed in a News10 story on Friday said the student responsible for the prank is on the yearbook staff and in the leadership class.

The school is conducting an investigation to determine how such a prank could be pulled, as well as identifying measures to prevent it from happening again, Cena said.

Cena wouldn't discuss what discipline has been administered, saying only "There were serious consequences."

"We take it very seriously," Cena said. "We already know quite a bit, but we're not done."

Students on the yearbook staff have a faculty adviser. There is a high degree of trust between the students and the faculty, Cena said.

"It's a student-run program," Cena said. "Students have access to logging into the yearbook pages, as does the adviser."

The yearbooks costs students between $40 and $85, depending on when they were purchased. The first books were distributed on May 28. They were distributed to the seniors on June 3. On June 4, the school halted distribution and started recalling the erroneous copies.

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