Us Profile: Arbuckle resident dreams of owning a business

When she was a kid, she says, Theresa Deardorff, born and raised in the Philippines, wanted to be a mom and wife and… wanted to be an inventor who would invent something people would use daily. 

Now Deardorff, 39, of Arbuckle, is the mom of a 16-year-old and a realtor with RE/MAX GOLD.

She agreed to answer our battery of questions for the weekly “Us Profile.” 

– What do I like about Yuba-Sutter? Farmers Market. We used to ride our Quads under the bridge next to the motorcross area. Yuba City offers a variety of stores whether it’s local or big box stores. I visit New Earth grocery store a lot. 

– Music of choice? Andy Grammer always puts me in a positive mood. I love all music: ‘80s, ‘90s, Classic Rock, Rock, R&B, and Pop. People who know me know I like Bone-Thugs n’ Harmony. I love to dance and I’ll dance to any upbeat songs. 

– Hobbies, interests? I love sports. I play co-ed softball at the Arbuckle Parks & Rec (shoutout to my team WYNA). I love to play volleyball as well. I do swimming, tennis, kayaking, hiking and dancing. I love to cook and eat, and am focused on a balanced lifestyle. I also go to the gym or exercise at home doing Yoga, HIIT, Zumba, light jog and weights. Travelling is another passion of mine, whether it’s a local area or touristy spots. I’ve travelled to other countries and states. My goal is to visit all the states- I’m halfway there. 

– What/where is heaven on Earth? Every time I’m at an ocean or beach, that’s like heaven on Earth. 

– Where would you like to retire or live for a year? Living on or near a beach is always my dream. Hawaii living would be a dream come true. Or somewhere in Asia where lifestyle is simple. 

– Dream Vacation? Anywhere there’s a beach; or backpacking across Europe.

– Pet Peeve: People who stick their tongue out before they put a fork or spoon in the mouth. Strangers who get too close to me while in line (having no boundary).

– What do you like about yourself? I can say I’m easy going. I’m down to do fun activities. A God fearing, down to earth person. I am also resourceful, resilient and optimistic. 

– What is the closest you’ve been to a famous person? Universal Studios where we met and greeted real Hollywood actors after the Waterworld show. Elevator at Kimpton Sawyer hotel with a couple of Kings basketball players standing next to us.

– What if you had a million dollars? Buy a couple of investment homes, invest in other portfolios, take a break from work, definitely travel around the world, and volunteer in either Africa or Asian countries. Focus on that business I’ve been wanting to own.

– Favorite memories to share? When I travel to different places with my high school volleyball team to compete.

– Dream Job?: In college I used to intern at Unilever. I always thought my supervisor’s job was interesting. Owning my own company is always a dream of mine.

– Favorite book? “Rich Dad Poor Dad.”

– What movie stops you while flipping through the TV channels? Any Hallmark Christmas movie. 

– Favorite sports team: SF Giants.

– Who would play you in a movie? Julia Stiles or Scarlett Johansson.


Who’s Who: 

Leader and team behind online COVID dashboard

Last week, Dr. Robert Herrick, the man responsible for updating the online COVID-19 dashboard every day, was featured in a video briefing posted by Bi-County Public Health.

Herrick is the Sutter County Public Health epidemiologist and leads the data team that works with the bi-county operations team to collect information used to update the dashboard and help public health combat the virus in the region. On a busy day, the data team includes six people, on slower ones it could involve one or two, according to Herrick.

The data team starts processing information from multiple sources that record tests around 7:30 a.m. This goes on throughout the day till around 3 p.m. Herrick said test results come in electronically from the state reporting system, are faxed from medical providers, and are emailed from public testing sites.

Herrick said the team goes through results to determine what information is new and what is old. Demographics are collected and at around 3 p.m. the data team sits down with the investigation team to verify new cases and make sure all duplicates are removed.

“There’s a rhythm to the day and that sort of gets you through the day,” Herrick said.

The process of confirming results takes a couple of hours. Before public health can report a result, enough information must be confirmed about the individuals. Herrick said the biggest piece of missing information is a person’s address. An address is needed to say if the person is a Yuba or Sutter county resident. In addition, the team has to have a lab result to confirm each new case.

Herrick’s workload varies from day-to-day. Sometimes all he has to do is look at a summary of the information that has come in and on busier days he helps go through the investigation process.

“I would say that the advantage is that you’ve got the task you have got to complete during the day,” Herrick said. “It provides some structure so it makes coping with what comes in easier.”

He said while the work is not glamorous it’s very important and he is proud of the work his team does on a daily basis.

“It takes a lot of work from a lot of dedicated people,” Herrick said.

–David Wilson, 



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