Election counts approach conclusion

Friday marked the last day election offices could continue to collect mail-in ballots that were postmarked by Election Day.

Sutter County Clerk-Recorder Donna Johnston said her office expected to certify the county’s results late Friday afternoon.

“The canvass audit, which verifies election processes and that equipment worked correctly, went well with no issues reported,” Johnston said. “I would like to thank voters for their enthusiasm this election cycle; especially during the pandemic. To have an 83 percent voter turnout is phenomenal, and Sutter County voters should be proud of themselves. We consistently are a few percentage points above statewide turnout, and I think we will be this election as well.”

As of Friday afternoon, Yuba County still had 19 provisional and 262 challenged vote-by-mail ballots that hadn’t been counted — challenged ballots are those that weren’t signed or the signature didn’t match the individual’s record.

Yuba County Deputy Clerk-Recorder Donna Hillegass said her office followed up with each individual and provided ways to correct the issue. Residents that needed to correct their ballots had until 5 p.m. on Friday night.

“We are also conducting the canvass — the 1 percent manual tally — so we cannot certify the election results until that is done,” Hillegass said.

Neither county’s election office reported any issues with the counting process, though they stated the volume was greater than usual.

“We hope to certify as soon as possible,” Hillegass said. “It just depends on when all the activities are finished. We must certify by Dec. 1.”


Sutter County races      (83% voter turnout):

Sutter County Supervisor (District 4)

—Karm Bains: 5,395 votes

—Tej Maan: 3,448 votes


Sutter County Supervisor (District 5)

—Mat Conant: 4,943 votes

—Sarb Thiara: 3,448 votes


Yuba City Council (2 seats)

—Wade Kirchner: 13,445 votes

—Shon Harris: 12,997 votes

—Manny Cardoza: 10,744 votes

—Gerry Mains: 5,690 votes


Live Oak Council (2 seats)

—Nancy Santana: 1,127 votes

—Lakhvir Ghag: 877 votes

—Aleks Tica: 850 votes

—Jeramy Chapdelaine: 770 votes

—Dale Carlson: 589 votes

—Cruz Mora: 516 votes

—Johnny Ceballos: 495 votes


Yuba Community College Trustee Area 4

—Juan Delgado: 8,236 votes

—Michael Pasquale: 6,862 votes


Sutter County Board of Education Trustee Area 3

—June McJunkin: 6,749 votes

—Stuart Kitchen: 6,509 votes


Yuba City Unified School District Board Trustee Area 1 (2 seats)

—Shelley Priddy: 9,273 votes

—Jasmin Dhami: 9,139 votes

—Harjit Singh: 8,843 votes

—John Amarel: 8,327 votes

—Divinder Bains: 6,604 votes

—Brett Hancock: 6,538 votes


Yuba City Unified School District Board Trustee Area 2

—Nicolo Orozco: 15,836 votes

—Chad Miller: 12,446 votes


Marcum Illinois School District Board (3 seats)

—Jeff Moore: 235 votes

—Josh Wanner: 227 votes

—Jill Bramhill: 216 votes

—Keith Turner: 178 votes


Yuba County races

Yuba County Supervisor (District 2)

—Don Blaser: 2,563 votes

—Stephen Heter: 2,033 votes


Marysville Mayor

—Chris Branscum: 1,642 votes

—Stephanie McKenzie: 1,636 votes

—Ricky Samayoa: 1,023 votes


Marysville City Council (2 seats)

—John Belza: 2,135 votes

—Stuart Gilchrist: 2,111 votes

—Michael Ferrini: 1,068 votes


Yuba County Board of Education Trustee Area 4

—Desiree Hastey: 3,579 votes

—Anna Meyerpeter-Newman: 3,065 votes


Marysville Joint Unified School District Trustee Area 2

—Gary Criddle: 2,798 votes

—Susan Scott: 2,353 votes


Marysville Joint Unified School District Trustee Area 3

—Alisan Hastey: 2,872 votes

—Jim Flurry: 2,459 votes

—Margie Evangelista: 671 votes


Marysville Joint Unified School District Trustee Area 4

—Doug Criddle: 2,767 votes

—Monica Oakes: 2,423 votes

—Paul Allison: 1,843 votes


Wheatland Union High School District (3 seats)

—Shawndel Meder: 3,165 votes

—Greg Forest: 2,592 votes

—Patti Agles: 2,157 votes

—Brendan McHugh: 2,049 votes


Wheatland School District (2 seats)

—Robin Bogdanoff: 1,166 votes

—Nikki Crabb: 1,153 votes

—Rebecca Courtright: 824 votes

—Kathy Herbert: 749 votes


Browns Valley Irrigation District Division 5

—Joseph Maslan: 1,558 votes

—Nathan Sokoloski: 892 votes

Camptonville Community Services District (3 seats)

—Sandy Ross: 235 votes

—Richard Dickard: 197 votes

—Jody Deaderick: 186 votes

—Tomislav Branimir: 29 votes


North Yuba Water District Division 1

—Douglas Neilson: 147 votes

—Andrew Hill: 139 votes


North Yuba Water District Division 2

—Fred Mitchell: 216 votes

—Bruce Helft: 186 votes


North Yuba Water District Division 3

—Gary Hawthorne: 258 votes

—Charles Sharp: 224 votes


Olivehurst Public Utility District Director at Large 3

—Lacey Nelson: 4,589 votes

—Mike Morrison: 3,062 votes


Measure N (Marysville)

—Yes: 2,587 votes (passed)

—No: 1,571 votes


Measure O (Wheatland)

—Yes: 1,240 votes (passed)

—No: 312 votes


– Jake Abbott, jabbott@appealdemocrat.com

What do you think? Does Marysville need a Hwy 70 bypass?

Wow. We didn’t get a massive number of responses on this topic, but we got some very massive responses. Here are a couple of the shorter comments. More inside on the Open Forum page.

We asked, “Does Marysville need a bypass?”

-- Carl Warmack: A bypass is desperately needed -- 100 % complete bottleneck in the middle of town with horrific traffic is actually driving business away from Marysville. Increasing the volume and speed of traffic coming into town with no path onward except the E Street Bridge. A bypass lets all the heavy through traffic move on without 15 stoplights to get through, would add another Bridge across the Yuba River, and improve the quality of the downtown Marysville experience. Lastly, when the next evacuation event arrives, people might actually be able to escape, rather than gridlock.

-- Allyson Tom: CalTrans themselves say we will need a bypass within the next 50 years (in addition to not having a concrete plan on what happens once 5 lanes of highway traffic funnels into two lanes by the high school and through the rest of town). So why are we spending millions for this 5-lane highway? Do it right, do it now.


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