Paradise Irrigation District to receive $7.3 million from state budget

The $7.3 million promised to the Paradise Irrigation District has been confirmed for the next fiscal year budget. 

Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a $202 billion state budget Monday evening, including the funds for PID, which had been removed in a revised budget proposal in May.  

A press release from state Sen. Jim Nielsen, Republican from Tehama, and state Assemblyman James Gallagher, Yuba City Republican, expressed their relief that the funds will be included in the state’s budget.

“It’s ridiculous that this was such a budget battle to begin with. The town of Paradise has already suffered through so much, there was no reason for the governor to threaten their ability to rebuild,” Gallagher said in the statement. 

The funds will help to bring clean water to ridge residents during the rebuilding process. Much of Paradise is still rebuilding from the 2018 Camp Fire, caused by faulty PG&E electrical wiring which sparked a fire, killing 84 people. 

“Camp Fire survivors spoke up loud and clear. I thank the people of Paradise for their strength and courage to continue the fight to rebuild their town,” Nielsen said in the statement. “I also want to thank my legislative colleagues for their continued support of Paradise.”

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