The Yuba City Council approved the transfer of $4 million in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding to finance two sewer projects on Tuesday.

Public Works Director Diana Langley said the city received $15.6 million in ARPA funds to be spent in the next two fiscal years. The city’s 2020 Wastewater Master Plan evaluated the collection system and identified lines that are at or near capacity. The two projects proposed to receive funding are the Harter Bridge Sewer Trunk Connection Project and the Bogue Road Sewer Extension Project. Each will receive $2 million in ARPA funds.

There is an existing 12-inch sewer line on Lassen Boulevard between Harter Parkway and Walton Avenue that is currently at capacity. An approximately $2 million project will extend a 24-inch sewer line from the south end of Harter Parkway along the future extension of Harter Parkway, to the future extension of Bridge Street. It will reduce flows in the Lassen Boulevard line and provide additional capacity for development in the northwestern portion of the city, according to Langley.

The second project will cost approximately $3 million and would extend an existing 18-inch sewer line on Bogue Road west to Phillips Road and build a sewer lift station in the vicinity. ARPA funds would cover $2 million of the project and wastewater funds will cover the remainder of costs.


In other business:

– The council unanimously voted to introduce an ordinance establishing sidewalk maintenance and repair responsibilities. Langley said state law requires property owners to maintain sidewalks so they do not endanger people using the sidewalk. She said the city can still be held liable for injuries as a result of private sidewalk damage if the city has not adopted a sidewalk liability ordinance.

The ordinance defines a hazard, allows the city to make repairs when needed, affirms the property owner’s responsibilities, codifies the owner notification process, and serves as a way for the city to more fully defend itself against sidewalk trip and fall cases.

Mayor Marc Boomgaarden asked staff to come back with options for helping property owners pay for repairs to their sidewalks.

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