Bogue-Stewart Master Plan

An aerial view of the area south of Yuba City that officials are considering developing as part of the Bogue-Stewart Master Plan. A joint workshop is scheduled for Monday to give city officials an update on the plan.

Yuba City is looking to expand its sphere of influence to the south. Members of the Planning Commission and City Council will meet for a joint meeting on Monday to discuss what is planned.

The joint meeting will focus around the Bogue-Stewart Master Plan, which lays out what is planned for development for an area of about 742 acres along the city’s southern border.

“It provides for a mix of residential and commercial uses, parks and recreational sites, and public facilities,” said Diana Langley, interim city manager. “The area is currently outside the city’s Sphere of Influence and is bounded by Bogue Road to the north, Walton Avenue to the west, Stewart Road to the south, and the Feather River levee to the east.”

The city has developed a draft master plan and draft Environmental Impact Report. Langley said Monday’s workshop is intended to update officials on what is proposed for the area, as the two governing bodies will need to sign off on the project before it can move forward.

“The workshop will provide an overview of the master plan and two proposed subdivisions within the plan – Newkom Ranch and Kells East – and the environmental review process,” Langley said.

The plan is to split the project’s development up in three phases.

Phase 1 (Newkom Ranch) includes plans for approximately 170 acres with a total of 643 housing units and 338,243 square feet of non-residential uses. Primary uses include low-density housing, with limited medium/high-density housing, parks, public facilities and a mixture of community commercial and office uses.

Phase 2 (Kells East Ranch) includes plans for approximately 95 acres with a total of 270 housing units and 161,172 square feet of non-residential uses. Primary uses include low density and medium/high-density housing, public facilities, and community commercial uses.

The final phase includes plans for approximately 476 acres with a total of 1,604 housing units and 657,320 square feet of non-residential uses. Aside from low-, medium- and high-density housing, the primary uses include neighborhood commercial, business, technology and light industrial, and public facilities such as parks, a school, a PG&E substation and a water tank site.

To view the Bogue-Stewart Master Plan, go to

Monday’s special joint workshop is scheduled for 7 p.m. at City Hall – 1201 Civic Center Blvd., Yuba City.

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