At today’s meeting, Yuba City Council members will appoint a new mayor to lead hearings and serve as the head of the board for the next 12 months.

Council members select a new mayor and vice mayor during the first meeting in December every year. It’s typically a rotation among council members, based on the number of votes they received during their respective elections. However, Vice Mayor Manny Cardoza, who was set to become the next mayor, opted out of the running last week due to personal reasons, so the position will be filled by one of the remaining four council members.

Current Mayor Shon Harris said he will share a few thoughts before opening the floor for an appointment. As with any action item, a council member will make a motion for appointment, which will require a second from a separate member, at which point the majority of the council will need to vote in support of the candidate for them to be officially appointed. 

Regardless of who the new mayor is, Harris said he was proud of what the council has been able to accomplish in the last 12 months and looks forward to the next year. 

“We’ve done so much and a lot of the issues that we’ve dealt with have been administrative in nature – personnel wise. I think we’ve been very responsive to listening to the community and have worked to show them that we hear them and want to be interactive with them,” Harris said. “Sometimes, in this position, you have to make a tough decision and go with it. I’m proud of the fact that this council has been willing to step up and make those tough decisions.”

Council members eligible for the mayoral position include Harris, Marc Boomgaarden, Dave Shaw and Grace Espindola. 

Today’s meeting starts at 6 p.m. and will be at City Hall – 1201 Civic Center Blvd., Yuba City.

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