Yuba City Councilman Manny Cardoza requested, during a Tuesday night meeting, that his colleagues remove him from the running to be the city’s next mayor. He said he was making the request due to personal reasons.

Cardoza, who is currently vice mayor, was in line to become the next mayor according to the city’s traditional order of succession. City Council members were set to vote on the appointment during their Dec. 3 meeting.

“Please know that I have arrived at this decision after a great deal of consideration and reflection, but I truly believe it is in the best interest of our city at this time,” Cardoza said, reading from a prepared statement during the meeting.

It’s unclear what prompted Cardoza to make the announcement. He did not return calls on Wednesday.

Cardoza broke the news during a special meeting, at which members were expected to consider a resolution regarding council member conduct. Mayor Shon Harris said the agenda item was brought forward in response to actions by Cardoza, though he didn’t go into detail. 

In his prepared statement, Cardoza also acknowledged that he made decisions that caused concern among his fellow council members and city management.

“I take full responsibility for the unintentional consequences of my actions and sincerely apologize,” Cardoza said. “I will learn from my mistakes and perform my duties in line with the expectations of a council member for the city of Yuba City. I appreciate the guidance, support and understanding I have received.”

Harris said once Cardoza made the announcement and apologized, the council felt the agenda item regarding conduct wasn’t necessary, so the item was pulled from discussions. 

“Right now, we are thankful and appreciative of his professionalism and recognition of some of these things that he’s learned on his journey as a council member,” Harris said. “He has another year left in his term, and I was happy to hear that he has learned from this and wants to grow. I support his decision, and should he choose to run for reelection, he will have another shot at becoming mayor, if that’s what he wants.”

Cardoza’s term expires November 2020. 

With Cardoza bowing out for the mayorship, Harris said, it’s now up for a vote at the council’s next meeting in December. Council members that could be appointed include Harris, Grace Espindola, Marc Boomgaarden or Dave Shaw.

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