Slipping into Darkness

David Mansanalez with his grandma in June at the Yuba City premiere of the short film he wrote and produced, “Slipping Into Darkness.”

A Yuba City native and filmmaker garnered awards and a licensing deal with HBO for his short film. David Mansanalez wrote and produced “Slipping Into Darkness,” which focuses on generational incarceration in the Latino community.

Since premiering the film in Yuba City in June, “Slipping” was awarded best film at the 2019 Official Latino Film and Arts Festival and won the first-ever HBO Latino short film competition, securing a licensing deal with the cable TV network next year.

“It’s on every platform HBO has from HBO Go to HBO Max,” Mansanalez said. “It’s really exciting and surreal.” 

The 30 minute film tells the story of Juanito, a young man struggling to fight the cycle of imprisonment that his father fell into, known as generational incarceration. Mansanalez said he is now working to turn the film into a television series.

“We’d like to extend our short and give people a little more background of each character and how they get to that point...and then push it forward,” Mansanalez said.  

Together with his three collaborators, their production company “4 Ways Entertainment” is also developing its first feature-length film which will be a family drama. 

Through the process of entering the short film into festivals, facing rejection and then being awarded top honors, Mansanalez advised others to believe in their work and trust in the story being told. 

“Write what you know because when I wrote ‘Slipping’ we just wanted as a team to use it as a calling card for what we can accomplish,” Mansanalez said. 

The film will be screened this weekend at his alma mater, the Los Angeles Film School’s military veterans film festival where the U.S. Army veteran is being honored for his film accomplishments. 

With the film’s critical success, Mansanalez said he is grateful for the support he feels from his Yuba-Sutter community. 

“I get excited to see how many people are excited to watch our journey,” Mansanalez said. “That keeps me going to go stronger and harder.” 

For more information, visit the “Slipping Into Darkness” Instagram account @slippingintodarknessfilm and Mansanalez’s personal account @oh_davy.

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