The Yuba City Police Department announced it will start notifying all non-essential businesses in the city that remain open in conflict to the governor’s executive order, according to a press release from the department.

 The notification of the order will be delivered to businesses in the form of a flyer delivered by an officer. If a non-essential business continues to open out of compliance, YCPD will seek legal remedies.

“Most businesses have complied and we thank those who are doing their part to minimize exposure and risk of the coronavirus spreading through our community,” the release read.

The flyer informs businesses that education about compliance with the order will also be available in the form of an officer who will respond to non-compliant businesses as well as a dedicated hotline.

The flyer also lists examples of what has been deemed essential and non-essential, according to the State Public Health officer. The flyer that will notify businesses is available to view on the department’s website and social media pages. Versions of the flyer in Spanish and Punjabi have been created.

“Please know that we are working on this issue and are taking it very seriously,” the release read.

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