Seven streets in Yuba City are included in the Yuba City Police Department’s Neighborhood Speed Awareness Program for the month of December, according to a press release from the department. 

The streets included in the program for December are Forbes Avenue, Olive Street, Plumas Street, Market Street, Bryn Mawr Drive, Ruth Drive and Railroad Avenue. 

Drivers caught speeding on those seven streets this month will be eligible to take part in a class about the need for speed compliance presented by the department instead of paying the citation.

“If you’re speeding in our neighborhoods, officers will be looking to stop and cite you,” Yuba City Police Department Sgt. Kim Slade said via the release. 

Only completion of the two-hour class will nullify the citation, according to the release. 

The class requires active participation from students. 

Students in the class will learn about braking distances, vehicle load dynamics, vehicle versus bicycle/pedestrian injuries and collision prevention techniques.  

Drivers can opt to handle a speeding citation in court or through the traditional method rather than take part in the class. 

The program targets residential streets in Yuba City that have been identified as having speeding problems and aims to reduce speed in residential neighborhoods. According to the release, speed is the leading primary collision factor in Yuba City. In 2016, unsafe speed accounted for approximately 28 percent of injury collisions.

Also in 2016, approximately 1,005 drivers were cited for speeding, according to the release.  

“This is our city and our neighborhoods, please slow down and be a responsible driver,” Slade said via the release. 

For more information about the program, call the Yuba City Police Department Traffic Education and Enforcement Office at 530-822-4795.

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