Newkom Ranch

An aerial view of the area south of Yuba City that officials plan to develop as part of the Bogue-Stewart Master Plan.

Yuba City’s sphere of influence is expected to grow next month when it completes the annexation of 221 acres just south of the city – an area that will be called Newkom Ranch.

The annexation was approved by the Sutter Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) on June 8 and is expected to take effect by mid-August. Located east of Highway 99 between Bogue and Stewart roads, the Newkom Ranch development will have a full range of land uses upon full build-out, including 423 single-family residences, 220 multi-family residences, 230,000 square feet of commercial space, and 108,000 square feet of office space, as well as parks and open space.

“The vision for this exciting project began nearly a decade ago,” said Yuba City Manager Dave Vaughn in a press release. “It creates a cohesive and high-quality new neighborhood, provides a full range of land uses, ensures new infrastructure is comprehensive and efficient and gives confidence to developers and residents that our growth will be strategic and well-planned.”

The Newkom Ranch development is the first phase of the Bogue-Stewart Master Plan, which was approved in 2019 and is a development guide for a planned community that will include residential, commercial, office/business park, public facilities and recreational sites across approximately 741 acres just south of the city’s current footprint. The project is expected to be split up into three phases, according to Appeal archives.

Vaughn said Sutter County has been a vital partner in making the annexation possible. The Newkom Ranch project is anticipated to take more than a decade to reach full build-out and have a population of about 2,600 people while supporting nearly 850 employees – the entire Bogue-Stewart Master Plan area is expected to have enough housing to accommodate 6,700 new residents.

As part of the annexation, the city will provide services to the area, including water, wastewater, police and fire protection, roadway maintenance, and parks and recreation.

“As we’ve watched the development and growth of our community in recent years, it’s become clear that we are a destination rich with promise,” said Mayor Marc Boomgaarden in a press release. “As others realize what we have always known – Yuba City is a great place to live, work, play and do business – we want to ensure we have the facilities to welcome them. The residential and commercial opportunities created by this annexation will support that vision and further enhance our city.”

Vaughn said Newkom Ranch provides a pivotal first step toward keeping pace with population growth, delivering needed and desirable services in a timely and cost-efficient manner, and will improve quality of life throughout the county.

“Our city has so much to offer and is primed for continued growth,” Vaughn said in a press release. “This annexation aligns with our image and character, while representing our long-term community vision for how our community should look 10, 20, 30 years into our future.”

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