From the oxygen they produce to the greenhouse gas emissions they trap, trees provide a number of benefits to a community.

Yuba City has approximately 12,000 trees spread throughout city limits. With plans to increase that number by several hundred over the next couple of years, officials are taking steps to ensure the city’s urban forest continues to thrive well into the future. 

With the help of a $376,240 grant from Cal Fire, officials recently announced plans to hire an environmental consulting group – Davey Resource Group – to develop an Urban Forest Management Plan that includes a complete tree inventory within the city and canopy assessment. 

“Basically, it’s an action plan that will give city staff information and recommendations on how to effectively manage the trees that we currently have and also the new trees we plan to plant by 2022,” said Brad McIntire, director of Community Services for Yuba City. 

The city received the funds last September after applying through Cal Fire’s Urban and Community Forestry Grant Program. The grant is awarded to projects focused on reducing net greenhouse gas emissions, which ultimately help the state in its effort to slash emissions to combat climate change. 

Davey Resource Group will be tasked with developing a 40-year management plan, an inventory that assesses the current health of the city’s trees and provide a recommendation for tree management software. They will also help the city update its tree ordinances last updated in 1968. 

As a condition of the grant, the city will also plant another 500 trees in low-income areas throughout the city, with 100 of those being planted in partnership with Yuba City Unified School District. McIntire said the assessment will help give officials a better idea of the areas within the city most in need. 

McIntire said staff will now begin working with Davey Resource Group on a timeline for the project, though the work must be completed by the end of March 2022 as part of the grant program. 

“I think at the end of the day, this project is going to be a very nice benefit to our community,” McIntire said. “It’s important that we will have a plan in place that outlines how best to care for the trees moving forward.”

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