Yuba County is exploring the opportunity to purchase Plumas Lake Golf Course from the city of Marysville, according to a county spokesperson.

The county is one of several entities approached by the city with an offer to sell the golf course located about 12 miles south of town just off Highway 70. 

Yuba County communications officer Rachel Rosenbaum said the county received a letter of intent from Marysville within the last month. 

The county has until Jan. 24 to respond if it intends to pursue purchase of the property. The item is scheduled to be presented to the full board of supervisors for consideration.

“We will be engaging with the city to potentially purchase the course soon,” said Kevin Mallen, director with community development and services agency at Yuba County. 

Marysville has been actively trying to get itself out from under the Plumas Lake Golf Course due to financial reasons. For the second time in the last six years, the city has pursued selling the property, which was established in 1926. 

Councilman Bill Simmons, in a previous Appeal-Democrat article, said the city can’t continue to subsidize the course. 

Simmons noted that the course needs to be “100 percent self-sufficient,” according to Appeal archives. 

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