Yuba County Jail is mentioned in a petition for an injunction filed against Immigration and Customs Enforcement by the San Francisco Public Defender’s Office.

The petition was filed earlier this month on behalf of a female transgender detainee, Lexis Avilez, who had been housed in the Yuba County Jail. The San Francisco Public Defender’s Office claims she was illegally transferred on Christmas night from the Yuba County Detention Center to a remote detention facility in Alvarado, Texas. 

The Yuba County Jail currently has a contract with ICE to house detainees. 

The San Francisco public defender is demanding her release.

Avilez was under the impression she was going to be released and be able go home when officials from the Yuba County Detention Center approached her in her cell. Instead she was released to ICE and taken to an airport where she was flown 2,000 miles away from her lawyer and community, according to the defender’s office.

Avilez has been in ICE custody since 2018. The defender’s office has been representing her since last year. Hector Vega, San Francisco public defense lawyer, took Avilez’s case so she would be able to receive the support she needed, he said, including medical care, therapy, legal representation in her pending immigration case and legal recognition of her female name and gender. 

Upon arrival in Texas Avilez was denied all of the things Vega worked to gain her, he said in a news release. 

“The conditions of my detention have worsened and have had a huge impact on my mental health and my ability to move forward. I think this has been so cruel to me,” said Avilez in the press release.

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