It’s a good time to be in need of a job in the Yuba-Sutter area, as local hiring agencies are finding it difficult filling job orders from local employers.

“There is a huge need right now in our community,” said Caron Job, director of the Yuba County One Stop. “We are getting lots of job orders and I think it’s due to the lack of job seekers and in anticipation of reopening. It is a job seeker’s market right now, and people have an opportunity to get into a position that they wouldn’t have maybe been able to get before because of the lack of people applying for those jobs.”

In Yuba County, industries across the board are in need of employees. Part of the challenge is finding skilled workers, but employers are also struggling to find employees for more general positions.

“The biggest challenge is finding people who are ready to come back to work. There are still some fears regarding the COVID-19 situation and if it’s safe to go back,” Job said. “Things are moving in the right direction, though. It’s good to see employers putting job orders out.”

The Sutter County One Stop has job orders across the board as well. Some of the biggest needs are in retail, personal care positions, labor and service positions, as well as a tremendous demand for essential workers.

To help entice workers, employers have been easing up on some of the requirements necessary to work a particular position, said Rinky Basi, director of Sutter County One Stop. Employers are also providing more training to job seekers, and in some instances, they’ve provided incentive pay to get employees in the door.

“What we are finding with job seekers is that some of them are still continuing to receive unemployment benefits, we have some who are waiting for an extension, and others who are just cautious about going back to work due to COVID-19,” Basi said.


Resource centers

The local One Stops operate off of core grants to serve youth, adults and workers who have been laid off or lost a job, but they’ve also received special grants this year to help with the various issues that have cropped up. Job said her team has received grants to help job seekers who lost their work due to the pandemic to help retrain them or update their skills. They have also received grants to help assist people with disabilities or background issues, like criminal records or those experiencing homelessness.

Job seekers can utilize local One Stops for mock interviews, to update resumes and skills, receive specific training and even, in some cases, receive new clothing for the interview process.

“A lot of people don’t know we have these resources available to them and when they come in, they are blown away,” Job said. “We have services for everyone. We are funded to assist those people in our community who have barriers to employment, but also for people who maybe have a degree but are having trouble finding a job. We are also there to just support them through the process and give them a little bit of hope they might need to get to that next step. Their successes are our successes.”

Sutter County held a virtual job fair earlier this month where seven employers were able to meet and interview 22 job seekers that participated. The test run was successful, Basi said, so her team plans to hold similar events in the future.

“We really want to encourage people who maybe don’t feel like they have the experience to contact us, because now is a good time to get your foot in the door,” Basi said.

Basi said local businesses that are looking for work have safety precautions in place to protect employees during the pandemic, and there are various agencies throughout the community working hard to make sure local businesses keep the doors open.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, One Stops are open by appointment only. The Yuba County One Stop can be contacted by calling 749-4850 or by visiting The Sutter County One Stop can be reached at 822-5120 or at

“Employees who are willing to show up, learn something new and can pass a drug test, now is a great time to apply,” Job said. “If you want a job, there are opportunities out there.”

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