Old Tractors

The Wheatland High FFA has two tractors on display at the Yuba-Sutter Fair this week showing the before and after versions of a project. Ar right is a 1946 Farmall AV and at left is a 1948 Farmall Super AV. Three students will restore the 1948 tractor over the next year and plan to submit it for a 2016 tractor competition.

Most of the tractors on display this week at the Yuba-Sutter Fair have been meticulously restored, and they'll shine like new.

But not one of the machines being displayed by the Wheatland High Future Farmers of America.

Tucked into the roundabout near the livestock area are two tractors — one is a rusted out 1948 Farmall Super AV and the other is a fully restored 1946 Farmall AV.

"If you look at it, we have to start from ground zero and build it all up," said adviser Jeff Magill, who specializes in mechanics and welding.

Under Magill's direction, three students will be restoring the 1948 Farmall owned by Rod Hiskin.

Hiskin, of Oregon House, who also owns the restored 1946 Farmall, purchased the rust bucket from the Osumi family of Yuba City.

Magill said Hiskin will be financing the restoration project.

"This thing is more than 60 years old, and everything in it is what we use today; there's just fancier computers and more efficient timing," said Lucas Skinner, 19, of Wheatland.

Skinner, a recent graduate of Wheatland High, is a California State University, Sacramento mechanical engineering student who just finished his first year of college.

"Everything I've learned mechanically, I can trace back to him," Skinner said of Magill. "That shop class paved the road for me getting into this major."

Skinner, who has already restored two tractors on his own, will be restoring the broken-down tractor to its original glory with two other students — Keenan Murphy and Jacob Welson, also recent graduates.

Magill said FFA members can still be part of their high school program for a year after graduating.

"I've spent lots of time on Internet forums with some old guys who know tractors and have been working on them their whole lives," Skinner said.

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